Lemony Snicket & Steampunk Inspired Wedding Shoot: Lydia & Brett

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This shoot was set up by photographer Julie of Jewel Photography who was inspired after watching Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events! “As a photographer I look at everything with an open mind and at everything for inspiration”, wrote Julie. “Years ago I was watching Lemony Snicket and I fell in love with the costuming, design and photography in the movie. I cataloged in my brain for use down the road. Well the moment finally came, I knew I wanted to to do a steampunk styled photo shoot!”

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“Fast forward and I meet Amy Lu who had some great style and she owns Misfit-Stream. She is a great event planner with lots of funky style. Together we collaborated to get all the details down for this shoot. Everyone involved in this shoot is from Connecticut, USA. All of them small business owners striving to reach to the top. Everyone brought something special and unique to the photo shoot.”

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“The bride and groom are husband and wife. They originally eloped in Vegas so this wedding shoot was very exciting for them. They were so excited when they saw their names on the wedding invite and when they were fitted for their attire. Even though it was not a real wedding, it was a special day to them. They had a blast and so did their guests. Everyone indulged on cupcakes and moonshine!”

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Supporting Cast


  1. Charlie

    This wedding looks so amazing!!! I just want to give the bride a hug for all the little details that has made her wedding truly stand out and for the photographer for making it look so lovely!!!

  2. I would love to shoot a steampunk wedding! some of the details are just stunning. …wanders off to have a nosey round pinterest;-)

  3. It was fun making the hats for the photo shoot. Several have been sold or donated to several 501c events to be raffled off for their special causes. Feel free to check out my website for past works and designs @ http://www.hatsbystevenp.com 1 out of every 8 hats completed get donated to a 501c.


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