The Luella’s Boudoir Wedding Fair & My Catwalk Debut!

I almost don’t know where to start with writing this post as the whole day is kind of a blur…a fabulous adrenalin-fuelled blur…but a blur none the less.

In actual fact, I know you really all just want to see the photos and video (eek!) of me walking the catwalk so shall we just cut to the chase and get straight to it?

Yes..the catwalk was lit up pink! Do you think they knew I was coming?

HUGE thanks to Eliza Claire Photography & Shell de Mar Photography for taking these photos for me.

Lots of love to Allora Visuals for this exclusive video which they made to document my debut…

Yep, the veil fell off during the dress rehearsal! It wasn’t pinned in properly whoops…that’s what rehearsals are for though right?!

And to The Redfords who filmed this cute little iPhone video…

The outfits I’m wearing are (in order of appearance)…

“Hey, look there’s Shell de Mar taking my photo!”

1950s-inspired short dress by Jacqueline Byrne
Shoes by Emmy Shoes
Pink earrings & necklace set by The Real Princess Company
Custom-made ‘I Do’ bow by The Real Princess Company

Lace dress by Joanna Johnson
Lace Mantilla Veil (a one off piece) by Luella’s Boudoir
Shoes by Emmy Shoes

Floaty dress (worn without shoes) by Charlotte Casadejus
Necklace by Yarwood-White

Yes…this veil is as awesome in real life as it looks…

Slinky backless dress by Caroline Atelier
Shoes by Emmy Shoes
Custom-made tulle & pink crystal pouffy veil by The Real Princess Company

All items are available exclusively through Luella’s Boudoir. If you are interested in any of the items I, or the other models are wearing, then you can get in touch with Luella’s Boudoir by emailing or calling them on 020 8879 7744

Extra love and thanks to Rachel Atwell of Luella’s Boudoir for organising such an incredible event and for asking me to take part, and to Kate Barbour – stylist de jour.

Big shout out to all the other models (who taught me how to ‘walk’ and kept me laughing) and our dressers from Rose Bruford College in Sidcup who saw me in my knickers a little to often…

I also have to share some serious love for Alica Barron and the whole team at One Marylebone for playing host and finally the awesome team of Clipso London and the girls at Benefit Cosmetics for working miracles on my hair and make up.

This sparkling red wine from GF Wines was so good… I bought two bottles!

Be sure to check out the gallery for more images of the show plus some exclusive photos of the rest of The Luella’s Boudoir Wedding Fair…

Photography: Eliza Claire PhotographyShell de Mar Photography


  1. Eeeek! So amazing, I’ve been sitting by my laptop all morning waiting for these! You look absolutely stunning kat, well done!

    I love the mantilla veil especially, the contrast between your pink hair and somehting so traditionally bridal is perfect!

    Loveaudrey xxx

  2. Charlotte

    You were AMAZING! And the event was wonderful – really inspirational!

    I am now desperately lusting after your custom veil “poof”…it seriously rocked…!

  3. Yay!!! Love the behind the scenes video! I’m a big fan of outfit no. 1 cause it’s too cute with that 50s dress & huge statement bow! And you looked beyond stunning in that Joanna Johnson lace number! Well done, you certainly did rock the catwalk like no other model could! x {The photos are amazing too, really captured the atmosphere of such a fab event!}

  4. Alex Peploe

    I thought the one you looked the most wonderful in (although you looked great in all of them) was the short jacueline byrne dress! My favourite dress of the night was the one in Shell De Mar’s photos 80 and 81 – the one with the sparkly sweetheart neckline and the most gorgeous tulle over silk skirt ever! Second fave is the one in the fourth pic it was stunning! I wanted to cry when I found out the price! You looked absoloutely amazing and I had such a great time – I even found my wedding florists (hayford and rhodes) and *fingers, knees, toes, everything crossed* my stationary from cutture! The behind the scenes vid is great :-) xxx

  5. Post author

    Jacqueline – thank you so much for letting me wear your beautiful 50s dress. i totally wanted to steal it and take it home (as did my husband as he said it made my boobs look awesome!) ha

  6. Awww I really enjoyed the Luella Budoir Wedding Fair, thank you Jemimah & Alicia for the invite. And as always, thanks Kat for featuring my pics – you looked so fab on the “katwalk”!

    @Ben Grainger: I had to take pics of the red sparkling, it was sooo yum! Plus my glass was always topped up haha (p.s. I bought a bottle too!)

  7. Why dont I make you one ?wear it out,let people see it close up,this is the best way for me to show my work.
    Its look and the feel,that inspires me to do vintage ,the quality of the fabrics & finish.
    You did look exactly like a 5os siren,I was lucky I had the right model,call me and Ill make you a frock.

  8. Stephania

    hi kat!
    ok, so you may never read this but here i go
    i visit your blog since september of the past year and i love it
    but let me tell you, i was here only for the dresses and pictures (i love photography) because marriage is not my thing, i’m not religious and would never want to sing a paper that sais that i belong to someone, i’m all about the love, connection and commitment but them i started to read all this beautiful love stories and i realized that the wedding would probably be the only time were all your friends and family is going to be there to support you and share the beginning of the rest of your life (plus, who doesn’t want to dress up and party?)
    so, thank you for such a lovely and cool site
    btw the lace and floaty dresses were my fav ones

    xo your Colombian fan

  9. Post author

    Thank you for your lovely comments and Stephania I read every single one. You comment means a lot to me and im glad you enjoy me blog!

  10. I think you may have missed your vocation in life Kat, you are one hell of a blogger but oh my you looked stunning on that catwalk, the walk the wiggle the shimmy they were all there, you looked truly beautiful in all those dresses and looked as though you enjoyed every minute of your time up there, well done to my favourite blogger and now favourite catwalk model x

  11. isabela


    I’m thinking of something like this for my weddingdress :)

  12. Joy

    You look A-MAZ-ING!!!

    I really want the bow with the I DO on for my friends wedding. I might need to have an attempt at creating something similar


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