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A Valentines Ball

Valentines Ball - Cristina Rossi Photography-158

I wasn’t going to publish any Valentines-specific content this year. Like many of you, I’m of the persuasion that St Valentines Day has been taken over by the mass media and is now just pushed on us by greetings cards companies who want to make a quick buck at our loved-up expense. Gareth & I don’t celebrate it (well maybe we’ll order a takeaway, watch a movie and get a little tipsy – ahh the romance) so I’ve never been one to be like “OHHHH VALENTINES IS HERE, HURRRRAH!” Me? Cynical? Never!

But then this cute, pretty and fluffy-as-hell Valentines inspired shoot landed in my inbox last week my cold heart of stone started to thaw. Pink! Sparkles! Giant Bows! Ruffles! Little doggie in a glittery pink dicky bow! Ahhh I’m just an old softy at heart. Shh, don’t tell anyone though, I’ve got a rep to keep…

Valentines Ball - Cristina Rossi Photography-188

“I knew that I wanted to create a much simpler styled shoot, less hectic but fun and girly”, wrote stylist Charlotte Wilden. “I’d hired a village hall so we could arrive, be warm, make a mess and focus on pretty images, but something was missing. So I asked Liz Jones from Blue Sky Flowers to collaborate, and upon meeting to talk about some ideas, she suggested the idea of a Valentines Ball. Our ideas had started to take shape and our bride had a story. I hope our shoot goes to show, that with minimal expense and an idea on the brink of collapse, a huge amount can be achieved with a little bit of know how.”

Valentines Ball - Cristina Rossi Photography-377

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Autumn & Kevin’s Romantic Vintage Valentine’s Wedding

Autumn & Kevin were married the day before Valentine’s Day so of course their wedding had to be a full on romantic affair. The bride is a self-confessed Valentine’s addict and so the theme was not only perfect for the fact that it was a wedding (aww love!) but because it was themed around the celebration she loves so much. The wedding took place at the bride’s Mother’s house which was not only the ideal setting for their colour scheme of red and white, but made the day a lot easier for Autumn’s Grandmother who also lived in the house with her. It was very important to the couple to have her there.

Autumn explained, “I wanted to have the wedding at my Mom’s because it would be easiest for my Grandma since she lives there too. Plus my Mom’s living room is red and white, with wood floors and a fireplace, which was my ideal setting. I knew from the beginning I wanted to have a vintage Valentine’s day wedding. It’s my favourite holiday and I already had tons of vintage Valentines. After christmas I transform my white retro christmas tree into a Valentines day tree and I wanted to incorporate that. A lot of the other decor was found at craft stores, or hand made by my Mom. We also incorporated a lot of personal items, like my antique cameras, and Kevin’s model airplanes that he had built. We featured a wall of photos with us as kids, and as a couple.”

“Since the wedding was at my Mom’s house we had to keep the guest list small, only 45 people. We each only had one person stand up with us, and our flower girl (who we dressed as cupid) and our ring bearer. We wanted to keep things easy and simple. The wedding invite was a photoshopped vintage Valentine that I threw together, since everything was so last minute we emailed the invites, vs. snail mail. The food was put together by my family, mostly my Mom and Aunt. And the ring bearers pillow was made by my Mother-in-law. We started photos at our house, in our kitchen and in front of the house and them moved to old town for the rest. Our first dance was to “Coney Island Baby” by the Excellents. We visited Coney Island about three months into our relationship for kevin’s birthday. We kissed at the top of the wonder wheel while they shot fireworks off the beach, and from then on Coney island was our place.”

“It was pretty thrown together but I think it turned out super cute. We’re actually having part 2 in October. A big reception to celebrate so we can invite all our friends that couldn’t fit into my Mom’s house. I’ll be wearing a different dress, and we’re going to have sideshow performances, including our friend Eak the Geek, who worked at the coney island sideshow for 11 years. We’re going to have a mock-remarried ceremony standing on his chest while he lies on a bed of nails! So it should be pretty amazing. I’ll be sure to send those photos along as well!”

I can’t wait to see those can you?

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Happy Valentine’s Day – Cara & Alex’s Romantic Home Cooked Day

Happy Valentine’s day! And what better way to start off today’s celebrations than with a beautiful and kick ass Valentine’s themed shoot? I’ve got 3 posts packed with love-filled goodness for you today, so be sure to pop back later for the rest!

“The original idea behind this shoot was to showcase that it really is ‘the thought that counts’ when it come to great Valentine’s Day gifts,” explained stylist Erica of Rook & Rose Floral Design Boutique.”A home-cooked breakfast (like heart shaped waffles), personalized details (like DIY tea bag messages) and a saucy/cute apron is really all a guy could ever want….”

“The concept, styling and (of course) the flowers were provided by myself, Erica from Rook & Rose, and the morning was beautifully captured by Kim of Kim Kalyn Photography. Alex & Cara, we’re nice enough to volunteer for the project and along with a handful of other local Victoria, BC vendors we’re hoping to inspire other couple to GET CREATIVE this Valentine’s Day!”

I hope all my Rock n Roll readers enjoy their day of romance, whatever you’re doing. Us? We’ll be staying in with a take away and a movie, there’s no need for grand gestures in our house!

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Urban, Girtty, Hearts & Love

Emma & Mattias’ urban & gritty engagement session in Hackney Wick (the East End of London) have inspired me no end. I not only love the rough ‘n ready, graffiti style shots (which are fast becoming a bit of a McNeil signature) but the wonderful heart shots send my heart a-flutter. I asked David how this images came about and he told me that as they were wondering down the street, looking for locations, they came across a warehouse where a Valentines night was being set up. They asked nicely if they would use their heart covered wall as a backdrop and the lovely people said yes. Aren’t the results fabulous?


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Thursday Treats – 18th Feb 2010


via Miss Wallflower

What have you been loving this week? Here’s my top picks from blog land, the interweb and everywhere in between

Unbridaled – I would imagine that every Rock n Roll Bride can recognise this situation!
Top 10 wedding trends for 2010
♥ The uber popular Paloma’s Nest have relaunched their website and are offering free worldwide shipping on all orders placed before 1st March!
♥ I’ve been seeing Catbird NYC all over blog land this week. I can see why. This is my persoanl pick. LOVE
Katie & Josh’s Eco-Chic wedding
Remember the lesbians
Stripes & tulle
♥ Check out Gingerlily’s amazing images and comment on her blog for the chance to win your own print
Heart-shaped – darling vintage valentines decor
Remember this awesome Rock n Roll Bride? Well her fabulous peacock bouquet was so popular that she’s only gone into business making them – and even better, my girls at Ilovelolliblog are giving one away!


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