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Intimate Beach Ceremony in France: Anna & Jarrah

Anna & Jarrah Wedding on beach Pretty Days Photographer 246

No matter how many weddings I feature, or how many cool, quirky and original décor and details I see, it is always the simple and emotional, small weddings, that really slay me. Elopements, intimate ceremonies, the great outdoors. Anna and Jarrah did exactly this, travelling from their home in Australia to a beach in France, with just their parents and very best friends in attendance.

Anna & Jarrah Wedding on beach Pretty Days Photographer 090

“We wanted to include the elements of nature in our wedding”, began the bride. “Jarrah grew up in Margaret River and has surfed since he could walk and I’m a Perth girl who loves the beach and nature. We also wanted to make everyone feel a part of our day and we didn’t want the stress of a normal wedding. If we had the wedding at home it would have had the stress of inviting guests we don’t know. This way the parents were just happy to be a part of it and no stress was put on us.”

Anna & Jarrah Wedding on beach Pretty Days Photographer 140

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An Intimate Wedding in France & Monte Carlo: Kenna & Scott

It seems that recently not a week goes by when I don’t get a flippin’ incredible wedding submission from wedding photographer Assassynation… This woman is just a magnet for awesome weddings! It must be because so many of her couples find her through Rock n Roll Bride – not that I’m biased or anything but it is widely accepted that that Rock n Roll Bride readers are the coolest couples, like, ever. So when Kenna & Scott’s nuptials slipped their way into my inbox a few weeks ago I, as ever, couldn’t wait to get them on my blog.

The intimate wedding took place in France and Monaco. The bride & groom just bought their maid of honour and her partner as witnesses. They hand no other guests. The ceremony was at L’Abbaye in La Colle Sur Loup, in the south of France and for the reception, they hopped over the border to Monaco for a low-key meal at the four star luxury resort of The Fairmont in Monte Carlo.

“We left our families, bucked the traditions that they balked at us dropping, and did it our way”, explained Kenna. “Let’s face it, weddings aren’t cheap and when Scott and I were first engaged and I began my research, I understood immediately that we could either feed 300 people dry chicken in some generic venue or we could embark upon the adventure of a lifetime together. We spent 8 amazing days in the south of France. Your family may not get it at first, they may even be upset because it didn’t fit into what they were hoping would happen – but remember that it’s your money, memories and personality. The same people who expressed a lot of reservations and concern for Scott and my ideas later reversed their position and said what a wonderful thing we had done. I genuinely appreciated their compliments, because I knew our format had not been part of a convention they previously accepted.”

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An 18th Century & Marie Antoniette Inspired Indonesian Wedding: Cindy & Sebastian

I saw this wedding and I instantly fell in love – with the location, with dress and with Cindy & Sebastian themselves. Prepare to be transported into wedding inspo heaven…

The Indonesian wedding was held at St Laurentius church with the reception that followed at Maxi’s Cafe in Bandung. The couple were inspired by 18th century french opulence and Marie Antoniette for their theme. They transformed their reception venue into the Gardens of Versailles. “Marie Antoinette has been an inspiration to me since I was very young”, explained Cindy.

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A Simple French Wedding with Homemade Touches: Virginie & Julien

This beautiful wedding was sent over the channel to me by French newlyweds Virginie & Julien. They were married at Church of Saint Joseph des Fins in Annecy. After cocktails at the adjoining church hall, their simple reception was held in a restaurant, La Ferme des Ollieres, in Les Ollieres.

The bride handmade her outfit including her dress and headpiece and she wore shoes from H&M. “I own a ready-to-wear clothing line but I plan on making a bridal collection because I had so much fun making my own dress!” she explained. “I bought my shoes for 7€ (about £5) from the high street two days before the wedding! I was planning to wear off-white shoes but I found this pair much cuter.”

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A French Garden Wedding: Elodie & Alexis

Welcome to Elodie & Alexis’ gorgeous French wedding. If you loved their engagement shoot this morning, then their nuptials are gonna blow your socks off! The wedding ceremony was held in the bride’s parent’s back garden which they decorated themselves. Alexis picked all the flowers and pulled together a bouquet of wheat for Elodie to carry down the aisle.

As I said in this morning’s post, the couple are both deaf and found their film-loving photographer Ashton Jean-Pierre at World Deaf Art Festival in Reims, near Paris, last Summer.

“We married differently from our parents and our grandparents”, began Elodie. “Most of my friends also opted for traditional ceremonies but we didn’t want a ‘fairytale’ wedding or one like you see in the movies. We’re not really religious so we wanted our wedding to take place in a very relaxed farm setting and to have a rockabilly vibe with red, blue & white and with touches of the 1950s. Our theme was ‘a garden party’. The men wore casual outfits with suspenders and the women dressed in retro patterns and with sophisticated 50s inspired hairstyles.”

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A Garden Engagement with Giant Animal Heads: Elodie & Alexis

I’ve got a double dose of the gorgeous Elodie & Alexis today, starting with their incredible engagement shoot. Shot by film-loving photographer Ashton Jean-Pierre, this stylish couple flew him from London to Normandy, France to shoot their engagement and wedding.

Ashton is deaf as are both Elodie & Alexis. They found Ashton at World Deaf Art Festival in Reims, near Paris, last Summer. Elodie also happens to be a Rock n Roll Bride fan, hurrah! As soon as they met, they knew Ashton was the perfect wedding photographer for them. After 10 months of communicating via email it was finally time to shoot!

“We are very creative, very inventive and always have some sort of project on the go”, explained Elodie, “so we always knew our marriage would be heavily customised. For the engagement session I had always planned to have it in the old deserted garden of my grandmother’s house, where there was an old bathtub disfigured by rust, and two horses. I love this place! Then one evening in April, we had a crazy idea – to make giant cat and sheep heads to wear during the shoot! We made them ourselves. I love cats and Alexis’ curly hair looks like a sheep which is why we picked those animals. It’s amazing what can be done with pieces of polystyrene!”

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