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An Intimate Brunch Ceremony & A Karaoke After Party in Vegas


Earth To Madison

October 20, 2023

Tina and Carly's journey to their wedding day began with a realisation: traditional weddings just weren't their style. The prospect of planning a large, conventional ceremony left them feeling overwhelmed (and stressed) so they wanted to do something which felt more intimate and genuine. This was no mean feat, with them both coming from large extended families, but in the end they found the perfect balance between elopement and a larger celebration.

Elegant Boozy Brunch Wedding in Toronto


Natalie Sorichetti

September 6, 2021

Kira and Stephen opted for a boozy brunch reception, complete with dancing, followed by an after party in a hotel lobby. This couple were the epitome of laid back with their plans, choosing things which made the day enjoyable for everyone rather than sticking to tradition. There was no cake (who needs one when you've got so many delicious pastries!?) and the bridesmaid wore whatever they wanted. The groom and his groomsmen opted to match in bright blue suits.

Los Angeles Brunch Wedding with the Bride in a Red Jumpsuit!

Ellie Kime

Cat Freeman

October 15, 2018

When the bride is a literal, bona fide rockstar, you know the wedding's going to be a corker - and Cato (AKA CATO Sound) and Nick's wedding definitely did not disappoint. They flipped the status quo with a house party and night out dancing on the Saturday and their ceremony and brunch on the Sunday! Cato's outfit also ticks every box ("Gotta have pants, gotta have pockets, gotta have a train" she said) as do their incredible photos. Let's begin, shall we?