Spooky Glam, Friday 13th Wedding with Flash Tattoos

Memories by Lindsay

June 14, 2024

Choosing Shooting Stardust Studio in Miami as their venue provided a blank canvas for Madelin and Vinny’s spooky glam themed Friday 13th October nuptials. Their ‘Til Death’ themed day was the perfect blend of vintage academia with a hint of dark glam.

“We both love October, Halloween and all things spooky,” Madelin shared with us. “When Vinny saw there was a Friday the 13th in October, we knew that had to be our wedding date. I wanted the vibe to look like a Fleetwood Mac video and I chose a Rue De Seine dress which felt very Stevie Nicks.”

One of the standout features of their wedding was the relaxed, speakeasy atmosphere. The couple opted for no bridesmaids or groomsmen but they did have jello shot girl handing out shots before the ceremony! The lack of assigned seating and a mix of high and low cocktail tables, along with two lounge areas, encouraged mingling and added to the casual environment. As entertainment, they even had a tattoo artist giving guests flash tattoos, with designs to match the Friday 13th/ Til Death theme!

“We didn’t want our wedding to be a super formal event”, they continued. “We aimed for a more relaxed speakeasy vibe. And being the pizza lovers that we are, we had pizza delivered as a late-night snack.”

Planning the wedding, however, wasn’t without its challenges. “Oh man, I wish we had not left the ‘little details’ til the last minute”, Madelin laughed. “And flowers are freakin’ expensive! We did struggle to stay within budget. Spoiler alert: we didn’t. Does anybody though!?”

Reflecting on their wedding planning journey, Madelin emphasised the importance of focusing on what truly matters. “People are going to give their opinions and unsolicited advice. Remember that it’s YOUR wedding. Do what makes you and your partner happy. Also, GET A PLANNER! It’s very easy to get wrapped up in the stress of planning. Don’t let it overshadow why you’re getting married in the first place. Make sure to carve out a little time to do non-wedding activities in the run up.”

In the end, Madelin and Vinny’s wedding day was everything they dreamed of and more. “Marrying my husband was the best part”, she concluded. “I was so happy my heart could explode. I would burst out, ‘OMG WE’RE MARRIED!’ randomly throughout the night. I don’t think I’ve ever smiled so much or so hard in my entire life.”