Colourful Palm Springs Wedding with Adult Colouring & A Caricature Artist

Shalom Imaginative

March 21, 2024

Married at The Lautner Compound in Desert Hot Springs, just outside Palm Springs in California, Molly and Daniel’s wedding was al about fun, art and authenticity. The couple curated a celebration that was an expression of their love for colour, all with a mid-century modern twist.

The couple’s creativity shone through in every aspect of their wedding, from the DIY stationery and cocktail art inspired by vintage tattoo flash. They incorporated their love for traditional American tattoos in their DIY stationery and signs. The classic Palm Springs mid-century modern style shone through, but they used a colour palette more in line with their own tastes – red, black, and pink.

“We really wanted our wedding to be the opposite of the barn/ farm aesthetic”, Molly shared. “We wanted a feast for the eyes, with bold colours and our love for traditional tattoo art at the forefront. Our main goal was to create an environment where everyone could have fun and be their true selves. Most of the wedding resources we found online are really….basic! Sorry but it’s true! If you want your wedding to look and feel different than the typical beige, neutral stuff that most other events have, it takes time and effort. But it’s worth it in the end and it’s worth speaking up to say what you want.”

Molly’s approach to the bridal party attire was refreshingly inclusive, encouraging her friends to choose outfits that represented their individuality while adding a pop of bold colour to the celebration. “Seeing my friends express themselves through their outfits brought so much joy and colour to the day,” Molly beamed.

She also made a bold choice for her own outfit – cutting the skirt short after the ceremony! “One of my bridesmaids is a professional costumer in LA, so I trusted her to make the cut!”, she laughed.

The decision to hire a caricature artist instead of having a traditional photo booth, and to have colouring books and pencils as entertainment was a real a hit among guests. “It was the greatest part of the wedding besides the ‘I do’s’,” the bride exclaimed. “We wanted to create memorable experiences for our guests, and Joe Luma’s caricatures were a highlight.”

“Another piece of art we include was an amazing handmade banner that I commissioned from a Nashville artist named Shelby Rodeffer. She makes amazing hand-painted and hand sewn banners and I knew for awhile I wanted something from her for our wedding day. I had a great experience working with her and collaborating on what we wanted. I knew I wanted our cats, some imagery of San Francisco where we live, and a traditional tattoo style look. She NAILED IT! I cried when she sent the two mock-ups, and was blown away when I received the final piece in the mail. It’s truly a treasure and now a family heirloom. That was definitely a splurge in terms of my budget, but supporting an artist in that way while creating something so special and unique for our day that no one else will ever have was well worth it.”

As they look back on their wedding day, Molly and Daniel’s advice to engaged couples is clear: “There’s no ‘right way’ to have a wedding. Start by defining the goals and feelings you want to evoke, and let that guide your planning. Do what feels authentic to who you and your partner are.”