Interstellar: Celestial Wedding Inspo with a Chotronette Dress

The Chamberlins

January 19, 2021

We don’t feature styled shoots that often here at Rock n Roll Bride any more, far preferring the real details involved from your gorgeous wedding days, but when something this dreamy lands in our inbox, we can’t resist! Husband and wife team The Chamberlins have longed to shoot a celestial-themed set-up for a long time; Celle is obsessed with all things starry and both her and Will feel a deep spiritual connection to the heavens due to their faith. They told us; “we wanted to celebrate the beauty, the freedom and the vastness of the skies by arranging a celestial-themed styled shoot.”

Their main priority was the dress – they knew they didn’t want any other gown other than the Aurora Borealis gown by Romanian designers and Rock n Roll Bride faves, Chotronette. “For us, the dress epitomised a glorious dusky sky with its soft pastel tones combined with the sparkles of the stars,” Celle told us. “We specifically wanted to steer away from darker tones that one can often associate with the night-sky and instead, play on the dusky colours that preempt the darkness and reflects a different type of otherworldly feeling.”

“We wanted it to feel dreamlike. Like you were about to embark on journey to see the stars. Hence the name Interstellar which -is not only one of our favourite films – but means ‘travel occurring’ or ‘situated between stars’. We loved that idea and ran with it. Amazingly enough, we had the most insane weather on the day of the shoot, with moody, pink skies, a gorgeous sunset and a a cool evening glow to top it all off.”

Shot on Chobham Common in Surrey, they worked with local florist Lauren of Concept Flowers to create some gorgeous floral arrangements to complement the surroundings. “Our vision was to have a wild bouquet with foliage like eucalyptus, peach-coloured flowers as well as thistles for the hints of blue. However, we fully left it in Lauren’s hands in terms of full vision and she really made it come to life in the most phenomenal way. Not only did she take our colour-palette on board but she opted for foliage and plants that all had celestial-themed names: Astrantia ‘Billion Star’, ‘Supernova’ thistles, and ‘Magical galaxy’ aka Snow Berry.” How thoughtful and creative is that? 

They included a tablescape to showcase how else to incorporate celestial details in your day. They worked together to put this together, feeling encouraged that this could be something that couples can also DIY and be creative with. With menus and name tags filled with tiny stars by Lou Paper, they used handmade ribbons from Heirloom Silk to add a lovely soft element to the designs and table setting. The full tables cape itself was completed with items from the high-street, which just goes to show that you only need a couple of bespoke elements to make something your own.