Tattoo Artists’ Intimate Hackney Wedding with Group Photos Done in a Photo Booth!

Costa Sister Productions

February 28, 2020

There’s a hybrid wedding trend we’re seeing a lot these days – not quite an elopement, but definitely not a big wedding either. Jay and Brian knew this was what they wanted for their nuptials. They didn’t want to entirely run away and do it on their own, but they didn’t want to host a ton of people and drop a huge amount of money on it either. So, they found a comfortable mid-way point and married at Hackney Town Hall, followed by a meal at a local restaurant with just 14 guests (and their sausage dog, Duncan!)

“We didn’t really have a theme, we were just true to us”, Jay explained. “We honestly just wanted to celebrate our love and get married, we didn’t want a big wedding as we aren’t like that as people so we just tailored the entire thing to simply be a really nice day for everyone.”

Nothing about their wedding done in the traditional way. They didn’t want photos but they hired Costa Sisters who shoot and film (the images in this article are stills from the video) and they used a photo booth to get a shot to keep of everyone there. After the ceremony they went to the tattoo shop where they both work as artists, to cut a cake and get tattooed.

Although they were able to keep costs down by only having a few guests, they spent money on the things they really wanted, in particular their outfits. Jay wore an Alexander McQueen dress with Jimmy Choo shoes and a vintage veil. Brian’s jacket and shirt were Gucci.

They had a really simple ceremony at Hackney Town Hall. “There were 16 people there in total, including us. It was quaint, full of laughter and just about us. My father cried so much before he even left the hotel. The waiter at breakfast asked if everything was okay, meaning his breakfast and he burst into tears telling him ‘my little girl’s getting married today’. I was so nervous I would get my vows wrong I was making jokes he entire ceremony including shouting ‘don’t!’ when asked if anyone objected.”

“Brian was terrified of dropping me when he carried me down the stairs after the ceremony and due to the dress code for the wedding my dad looked like our bouncer in almost every photo documenting this. The day as a whole was a laugh, my dad got in the photo booth for his mug shot and turned around in it with glasses on the back of his head for all of them instead. We went home for a nap after we got tattooed and before we went for dinner in typical us style. All in all, a chill and really funny day.”