Nature Inspired Meadow Wedding with Skinny-Dipping!

Aline Marin Photography

November 17, 2018

Katherine and Jason’s wedding was like something out of a movie, and was a real community effort. They rented a cabin for all their guests to stay in the week before. The day itself started with a first look, right by the water, followed by an intimate and nature-inspired ceremony. They served burritos and dessert bought from Costo and the day ended with them skinny dipping!

Most of all the wanted their day to feel personal to them. The field they were married in was buzzing with bees. They kept the decorations simple, instead focusing on the people they love that were there with them.

“Our ceremony was held in a beautiful, grassy hill – very simple”, Katherine explained. “It just felt right. When we arrived in Georgia the week of the wedding we went right out there so I could show it to Jason who’d only seen pictures. The field was in full bloom with wild red clover. Our friends went to the meadow early the morning of the ceremony and set the entire space for us using natural elements – flowers, a borrowed table from the AirBnB and a spool of white satin ribbon that my grandmother gave to us the day before. When we entered the field, I was completely broken open by the love in the space. What a gift they created for us.”

“We arrived in the late afternoon and walked together, just the two of us, into the meadow. Everyone else followed a bit behind, giving us some time together. We gathered in a circle, spoke our vows and exchanged rings. It was simple and memorable. We also brought objects to the ceremony that were important to us – a cup inherited from a loved one, sand from the beach where we met and a small leather satchel (which was the first gift Jason ever gave to me). All of these things were lovingly arranged on the alter for the ceremony.”

Their rings were also very special as the groom made them himself. “In the year leading up to the wedding, Jason taught himself how to make rings”, Katherine continued. “It took several practice runs but in the end he crafted both of our rings himself so expertly.”

Post ceremony they served Chipotle to their guests. They didn’t feel the need to spend a lot of money on food, and what could be more delicious than  a burrito!? “Dinner was something like $10/person. I don’t even think in the end Jason and I ate any dessert because we were mingling and taking pictures. That’s exactly how we wanted it to be – centred around something intangible and unspeakable.”