Alternative Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas for Girls

February 9, 2018

Joanna Bongard Photography

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and being a blog dedicated to all things L.O.V.E and all, I couldn’t just let it slide on by. If red roses and chocolates aren’t your bag then I think you’ll find something your significant other (or ahem – you!) will like from this list. Feel free to leave your laptop not-so-subtly in their eye line (Gareth are you reading this?)

You’re welcome.

1. Press for Champagne Keychain: Palm Springs Style, $16 (US) 2. Lipstick Mugs: Zandra Rhodes, £25 each or £95 for 4 3. Flame Heart Mini Backpack: Skinnydip London, £32 4. Bleeding Heart Highlighter: I Heart Make Up via Superdrug, £5 5. Valentine Tee-Shirt: Valentino via Harrods, £315 6. Glitter Heart Beret: Crown and Glory, £15 7. Greetings Card: Veronica Dearly, £2.95 8. Sequin Heart Cushion: Primark, £7 9. ‘Til Death His n Hers Rings: Regal Rose, £42