Elegant & Botanical Twin Peaks Wedding

Adam Bird Photography

December 29, 2017

With a £17,000 budget and a shed ton of amazing ideas, Rebecca and Callum planned a Twin Peaks inspired wedding at The Sefton Palm House in Liverpool.

“To quote Twin Peaks, our theme was ‘both wonderful and strange’,” began the bride. “Our huge inspiration for our wedding was the wonderful and unique work of David Lynch in particular Twin Peaks! We wanted to have a wedding that was full of references and features from the show, without it being naff, we wanted guested who had never seen the show to come, and get it and think it was a beautiful wedding with a quirky well done theme!”

“I honestly felt everything about our day was unique”, she continued, “there was this amazing atmosphere through out the day, everyone was so happy and you could really feel the love. Our theme really echoed our quirky sense of humour and style and we were able to incorporate some traditional elements of a wedding into a very unusual theme which was very surreal as they went hand in hand!”

The bride wore the Paige dress from Wed2Be with Irregular Choice shoes. She walked down the aisle to Mysteries of Love by Angelo Badalamenti. “Our ceremony took place in a beautiful Victorian palm house on a rare sunny day in Liverpool. We had an intimate ceremony with just 60 guests and we opted for it to be unplugged as we wanted our guests to just enjoy the ceremony and really be there in the moment with us.  All the music we had playing through the ceremony was from different David Lynch films and shows.”

“My most significant element of the day was having my best friend Charlotte’s necklace woven into my bouquet. She unfortunate passed away and it was extremely important to me to have her walking down the aisle with me and being with me all throughout the day, one of her favourite films of all time was Charlotte’s Web, and we found a spider running through my veil and hair which nobody could get out and asked people to leave it, as I figured it was her quirky humour.”

The biggest expense was the venue and catering but they kept the costs as low as possible by making everything they could themselves. Almost the entire wedding was a DIY project from start to finish. “Other than a life sized resin owl  (which I managed to find at our local market) I made all our props including a huge keyboard which turned into a donut wall in the evening (with a little help from my dad), the Twin Peaks hand-painted sign and the matching guestbook, itineraries, menus and invitations. I also made all our confetti cones!”

The hardest part of planning for Rebecca was the stress and looking back she wishes she delegated more! “The one thing I wish I’d known before we started to plan was not to be such a control freak!” she laughed. “I should have put my trust in people and not tried to micromanage every step. I wish I had relaxed more and had fun with the planning!”

However the best thing about planning the day was binge watching all the new and old series of Twin Peaks back to back to draw inspiration from it. Also being able to have some of the most talented people I have met help me create my dream wedding into a reality. In particular the whole team at Frog Floral Artistry. I was lucky enough to do work experience here over the summer and I would not have any one else create my flowers they literally took my idea out of my head and made the most breath taking flower arrangements I have ever seen!”

“My advice to other couples would be to just do you,”  she concluded, “the day is a celebration about your journey together and your future with all your love ones there to share in that moment. Don’t worry about what others will think, create a day that will truly make you happy! Don’t compromise on your quirks! I would like to thank Kat at Rock n Roll Bride for featuring our big day! Also to all the Twin Peaks fans out there I hope we did a DAMN FINE wedding and you enjoy reading about it as much as we enjoyed creating it!”