Alternative Bouquet Ideas for Brides Who Still Like Flowers

August 17, 2016

rachel-jamie-camera hannah bouquet

Rachel & Jamie by Camera Hannah (full wedding featured in issue 11, on sale September 1st!)

A quick Google search for ‘alternative bouquet ideas’ gives you a plethora of non-floral options of everything from brooches and buttons, paper roses, felt and even candy! There are so many ideas out there for brides that want something different for their bouquet other than flowers.

But what if you still want something unique, but you still like flowers? Well fret not, I am here to help!

Succulents are a great flower to use in a bouquet. They’re sturdy, look super cool and can even be re-potted and kept afterwards!

Rainbow roses are some of my favourites. Of course they’re not naturally these colours (they’re dyed) but they make for a completely spectacular bouquet which is perfect for a colour-loving bride to carry down the aisle.

Look at flowers that are native to your country or area. In the UK wildflowers make for the perfect ‘undone’ look and somewhere like Australia you could have something really cool and different such as banksias, protea, leucodendron and native berries.

Picking one single type of flower instead of a collection of different ones can give you a really striking look. How about carrying a few winter orchids without any extra foliage? Its simple and super effective.

Or what about having a bouquet using a single colour? Maybe you don’t know anything about which flowers you want but you know you want something purple. Ask your florist for flower recommendations for a bouquet of a single colour. It can look really amazing!

One word: ombre! I mean, WOW.

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