Alberta Biker Wedding

Jaymarie Studios

June 3, 2016

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Bikers Trevor and Jerri wanted their wedding to reflect that mutual love so they got married in the only way they knew how! “Our wedding was a soulful, rustic biker wedding”, said the bride. “It is our way of living, so why change who we are for one day?”

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“The ceremony was outside the front of Tawatina Alberta Church. It’s the church Trevor’s Great Grandpa went to but it has since been condemned. His uncle even went and made new stairs for us to stand on. It was chilly but still a beautiful day. I walked down the aisle to Stevie Nicks and my arms were linked with my dad and my step-dad’s. I saw our beautiful bridal crew and my amazing step-daughter and of course, my love waiting for me. I have never felt so blessed and so grateful than I did in that moment and with all of our loved ones around us with love and support the best vibes I have ever felt… And afterwards the entire wedding party rode down the aisle after on Harley Davidsons!”

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Jerri hand painted 180 mason jars to match the colours of the bridesmaid’s dresses. “The main DIY was the mason jars”, she explained. “I also made a chalkboard guest book, and the bridesmaids put together an amazing photo album that were clothes pinned up on string inside three huge old wood frames. One frame had pictures with me and family and friends growing up, one had Trevor with family and friends growing up, and the middle one was pictures of Trevor and I as a couple with family and friends. It was beautiful.”

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“The best thing about our wedding was seeing the end result with my husband and knowing that all our family and friends were there enjoying the celebration”, she concluded. “There is nothing we’d have done differently.”

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  1. Yaritza

    I love this! The dress is wonderful, and the fabric flowers are so neat. Love the color scheme. Congrats!

  2. Thanks everyone, we had a wonderful day and have now gown a little hand-made business out of it… so needless to say we are enjoying our married life 🙂


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