Vintage Las Vegas

Cherry Bomb Rock Photography

March 10, 2016

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Missy and Dave flew over to Las Vegas for the wedding and had a reception for all their friends and family back home in the UK afterwards.

“We rolled with the vintage Vegas theme”, said the bride. “We wanted the wedding to be very much about just the two of us and Vegas seemed like the ideal place! It suited our personalities as two professional performers and was just the right amount of kitsch for our personal tastes! We made our invites a very loose open invite to Vegas (but with no expectations at all!) and were delighted that 16 friends and family decided to make the journey to be with us on our big day. We then welcomed 100 friends and family to our reception on our return to the UK two weeks later.”

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The bride wore a genuine 1950s dress with the groom representing his punk roots with a tartan suit! “Dave is the drummer in heavy metal band Reign of Fury. We met while both working on tour with punk band The Damned (me dancer, him drum tech) in 2007. Dave proposed live on stage during one of my curtain calls.”

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“We tried to keep the wedding very much as we wanted and did not try to please anyone else. I walked down the aisle to Billy Idol’s White Wedding and the bridesmaids all wore leopard print!”

“My advice to other couples would be to not stress over the little things, it is not worth it!”, she concluded. “Also please yourselves, not your family. It’s YOUR day. Don’t try to over plan or over complicate things, and most importantly try to relax and enjoy the day! It goes so fast!”

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