Tenerife Couple Shoot & a Bride with a Shaved Head

Sttilo Photography

March 22, 2016

shaved head bridal in tenerife (3)

I’ve never wanted to shave my head, but if I looked as gorgeous as this bride I might just change my mind! Marta and Yuri were photographed in Tenerife by Sttilo Photography.

shaved head bridal in tenerife (8)

“This was shot in the Canary Islands”, the Spanish photographers told me. “We love to visit different, magical lands so we went to Tenerife, eager to explore its corners, endless roads, and the red and black rocks on the slopes of Mount Teide.”

shaved head bridal in tenerife (30)

“The shoot was very special. There’s no need to explain that the combination of the landscape and these two could not have be better. When beauty like this is presented to you, sometimes it is difficult to say anything that makes sense so we’ll just leave you with the photos…”

shaved head bridal in tenerife (29)