Alice in Wonderland, Unicorns, Cats and Glitter!

Alice in Wonderland, Unicorns, Cats and Glitter (26)

The cute AF wedding of Michelle and Riaan was inspired by the bride’s love of Alice in wonderland, Unicorns, Cats and Glitter! Originally the South African couple thought they’d keep things very small and basic, but when they started to plan things they decided ‘to hell with it!’ and planned the creative wedding of their dreams!

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“In our country most weddings are the same”, began the bride, “very normcore, always on a wine farm and they all follow the same script. We wanted our wedding to be individual and unique. All our guests commented on how they absolutely loved the wedding because it was such a memorable experience because of all the small unique details. It was very visually appealing and also entertaining. We made sure we DIYed all our décor and stationery to make sure it was one-of-a kind too. There were many nights I was covered in glitter and glue, but I’m not complaining, who doesn’t want to be covered in glitter anyway!?”

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“I wanted to make the wedding entertaining  for the guests, so I made various tables with ‘tasks’ for them to complete. They were fun for people to do and would also give us the opportunity to look back on for the rest of our lives as a memory of the special day.”

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The bride’s dress came from Chi Chi London. “I first ordered one from ModCloth, but four weeks before my wedding it had still not arrived”, she explained. “They weren’t very helpful so I decided to order another one, but directly from Chi Chi this time, and have it delivered to my friend in Scotland who was flying out the week before the wedding. It was a risk but when she arrived and I tried it on it was (nearly) perfect!  Luckily I have a seamstress friend who could do some nips and tucks and the dress looked amazing, it was exactly what I wanted. I wore two pairs of shoes and they were both hand-painted by my very talented husband!”

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“The best part of the day was the ceremony”, she concluded. “Standing there after everything and realising I was marrying my love, with all my closest family and friends was so special… And then obviously the cake!”

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  1. Sylvia King

    It was a wonderful occasion to be the mother of the bride and to be part of this fairytale wedding. I am so proud of Michelle and Riaan they really made it so special and unique one of a kind wedding. They are so in love and make a beautiful couple.We are so happy to welcome Riaan into our family he is one in a million.PROUD MOMxxx


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