Romantic Elopement at Fitzroy Gardens

Eliza Harrison

February 15, 2016

Fitzroy Gardens elopement (12)

Natalie and Aaron wanted a small wedding, that was just for them. They were married at Fitzroy Gardens in Melbourne with just nine guests. “The inspiration for our wedding was to have a low key, romantic elopement with beautiful spring flowers all around us”, the bride said. “We had originally planned a wedding for around 80 guests which was meant to happen next July, but after I became very anxious and stressed we decided to drop that in favour of our little ceremony. By doing a small ceremony we saved thousands of dollars too.”

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“We had only nine guests which made the day feel really special and intimate compared to the other weddings we’ve been to. Even though our day was small, at times organising things was still stressful. I think I assumed that because we went so small that it would be super breezy but it can still be a really overwhelming process, I wish I’d just taken the time to relax more leading up to it.”

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“Our ceremony was short and sweet, just the way we wanted it”, she continued. “Our celebrant read one of my favourite poems by E.E. Cummings, and we exchanged personalised vows (which made me cry like a baby). We have a very affectionate and romantic relationship, and our ceremony perfectly captured that.”

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“The best thing about planning our wedding was getting giddy about being able to call each other husband and wife”, she concluded. “It’s still so exciting saying it now. The best bit of the day itself was the 2am waffles from room service at The Park Hyatt, while we ran a bubble bath. It was amazing being able to lounge around and relax for the first time as Mr and Mrs.”