Denver Dive Bar Elopement

Harper Point Photography

February 2, 2016


I think at some point or another throughout their wedding planning, most brides throw their hands up in the air and shout “Screw it! Let’s just elope!!” Whether it’s the mounting costs, your parents driving your bonkers or the fact that you’re spending more time than can be considered sane panicking over DIY projects, I’m pretty sure its a common fantasy for a lot of engaged folks.

While actually going through with an elopement might not be on the cards for a lot of you (oh aren’t family dynamics fun!?) there’s no reason why you can’t be hella inspired by the ideas that a low-key wedding presents.


Set up by a collection of Denver’s most awesome wedding suppliers, this Dive Bar elopement shoot is everything you’ve ever dreamt of and more! “The concept started out as an experience-based wedding day, with a focus on the city”, stylist Nicole Lowery of Hey! Party Collective told me. “We also wanted to use the vendors that we think are really innovating the Denver wedding industry.”


“Our goal was for this not to be based on any wedding trends and we wanted to make this as realistic as possible. This is a wedding concept for a couple who are hip and stylish, love music, whiskey and cheap beer. They love the grittiness of their city, and don’t want a typical wedding.”


“We wanted to showcase a different wedding style and point of view, for those out there who are frustrated with the limited choices of more traditional weddings”, she continued. “So we shot all across Denver! We started at the downtown courthouse where the couple would apply their marriage license and then strolled to some of our favourite spots for photos. We then headed up to a rooftop for a private ‘ceremony’ and we capped the evening off with a reception and dance party at the Hi-Dive, a great bar and music venue in a lively neighbourhood.”


“We know that a lot of couples are overwhelmed by the thought of what a wedding is supposed to be”, Nicole concluded. “They worry about what it’s supposed to look like and how to structure the day. This shoot was our way of showing them that it can be done differently and easily.”