Lovely Las Vegas Wedding

Gaby Jeter Photography

August 7, 2015

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Las Vegas: A magical land of excess, fun and awesome weddings! It was the perfect location for Jacky and James’ April nuptials because they wanted all of those things!

“James and I met when we used to work at Sainsburys in our teens!” Jacky began. “We both left and went our separate ways but were friends on social media. We bumped into each other in our local pub one Christmas Eve, he asked me out on a date and here we are now!”

“The inspiration for the wedding was basically how expensive it is to get married in the UK and how much more for our money we could get in Vegas. We wanted it to be a holiday for all our friends and family, really chilled out and relaxed and different from the other weddings we have been to over the years.”

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“We didn’t have a particular theme, it all just ended up coming together. Because I wore blue, it made it a bit difficult to theme everything else hence why the bridesmaids are wearing ivory! Walking through the hotel lobby in the morning everyone thought I was a bridesmaid and the bridesmaids were brides because I was wearing blue and they were wearing white!”

Their ceremony was held at The Grove and their reception was at Sinatra restaurant at The Encore. “I don’t have a particular favourite part to the day”, she continued, “The whole thing was amazing and probably couldn’t have gone any smoother. The food at Sinatra was a huge highlight – it was amazing! We did our speeches outside on their veranda which was lovely as it was just us. After dinner we went to a jazz bar in the same hotel and the in-house band sang our wedding song so we actually got a first dance and was a great addition to the day that we weren’t expecting.”

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“Doing our wedding this way really saved us money especially on the food and reception venue. We had a set menu for all the guests and because we just rocked up to a bar inside the hotel we didn’t have to pay a hire fee and we got a free band! if I could do it again, I would have splashed out and hired a vintage car though!”

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“Planning a Vegas wedding on your own is hard work and you can spend hours and hours just trawling through all the hotel websites looking for a decent venue”, she concluded. “I found Little Vegas Wedding blog really helpful. My advice to others doing the same would be to look out for hidden costs and try to find a deal where all the food and drink is included as our drinks tab at the end of the night was ridiculous! Also, be aware of how far away places are – our ceremony venue was a 40 minute drive from our hotel when it is stated 15 minutes off The Strip. However I thoroughly recommend a Vegas wedding! I had never been before so went in completely blind and they really do know how to treat people well when they get hitched!”

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