Outdoor Brazilian Wedding with the Bride in a Corset

Flavia Valsani

June 8, 2015


Lais and Ale met when she was just 14 and he was 17. Even though they were young, they became boyfriend and girlfriend quickly and moved in together three years later! They were married in Brazil in October.

“I had tons of ideas for our wedding, but only one was right for us: a morning outdoor wedding”, Lais began. “Most of my references came from foreign weddings though because weddings in Brazil tend to be very traditional. We were focused on having personal details and avoided 90% of what the wedding market in Brazil has to offer. The Atelier Raviere, who made our stationery, was an amazing company to work with. They helped us choose our colour palette and developing all the visual identity of the wedding.


The bride’s mother made her wedding dress and she wore a corset from Madame Sher over it. “Since high school I have always been a corset fanatic”, she explained, “I always like to wear them so they’ve kind of become my trademark. I wanted to feel like myself on our wedding day so I knew I had to wear one. My mom made me a classical shaped dress and I wore a black leather corset on top. It combined sexiness and elegance and I felt like Cinderella with a twist!”


The wedding was held at Espaço La Forêt. “We planned our wedding date two years in advance. Unfortunately six months before the day we had problems with the place we’d booked. Everyone who plans a wedding knows that it’s nearly impossible find a new place in such short notice. We spent a whole week searching for a new venue and thought we were not going to be able to get married! However after a few inquiries we found Espaço la Forêt which was three time most beautiful than the first place and we ended up having the most amazing wedding there!”


“I think brides and grooms should always stick with what make them happy”, she concluded. “Many times in the process people will try to convince you to follow the rules, to surrender to what a friend did or what the vendors want, but this is supposed to be an important day for YOU and your desires should be your priority!”