Casual & Kitsch Mexican Inspired Wedding


Timo and Kriss were officially married on March 18th. They had an intimate ceremony, just a few of them, and then a bigger Cinco De Mayo inspired reception a couple of days later. The bride wore an amazingly colourful skirt made for her by a friend.

“I am allergic to anything white”, said the bride, “white plates, white cups…drives me insane. I live in colour and am surrounded by colour so we wanted our wedding gold and bright pink! I spray painted vases with gold glitter and ordered the biggest bunch of pink carnations from my favourite florist. I decided to make carnations cool again.”


“There was no other way than going with the Cinco de Mayo vibe. In November 2014 we both ran a race in Chile, and as soon as we got there and had dinner in a small café with plastic table cloths, mismatched cutlery and plastic flowers, I knew this was how I wanted our wedding one day!”


“This was a no frills no hassle party”, she continued. “Guests helped themselves to wine and beer of whatever they felt like drinking. It was a party, and not a stiff sit down reception with a 100 speeches. I spend most weekends in the run up collecting interesting plates, pom poms from China Town and hospice shops for the wedding. Our biggest expenses were food, wine and music – all the essentials!”


“The best decision we made was to have a small private wedding ceremony, with only a few friends and family”, she concluded. “Dinner was held on a guest farm with one long table for the 18 of us. Everyone could talk to each other and it also gave Timo a chance to meet some of my friends and an aunt or two.”




  1. Ariette Coleman

    Oh really? That’s the first time I’ve encountered someone being allergic at white stuff? If that’s the case, you can never wear white wedding gown? Good thing that we have off white gowns and of course, theme weddings like the ones from One Heart Wedding are making a big hit in the wedding company productions. I think, covering the table with colorful laces will make the wedding venue livelier. But, I must commend your centerpiece. It’s simple yet beautiful. I just wish that you add another color the will break the plain look, yellow maybe.


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