Alice in Wonderland Wedding in Berlin

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With a bride named Alice who’s a lover of Disney and Tim Burton, having an Alice in Wonderland themed wedding seemed like the perfect fit! She married Sven in Berlin on April 18th.

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“Our wedding was crazy, funny, colourful and fancy”, she told me. “It was basically what our brains look like! We did a lot of DIY but also had help from our amazing wedding planner, Svenja.”

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“Unfortunately, there is no shop in Germany where you can simply walk in and buy all the stuff for such a wedding so she had a great team that helped her realise her ideas. From the decoration on the tables to the paper mache figures in the garden, everything was made just our wedding day.”

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“We wanted to create our wonderland so the decoration was very important and took most of the budget”, she continued. “However having a wedding planner actually saved us a lot of money because she had all the vendor connections and knew where to get things.”

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“The only thing I wish we’d done differently was put on more entertainment for our guests. Everyone loved the croquet though! However we are so glad we realised our dreams with our wedding, even when our families tried to interfere!”

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