Bride & Groom Heeled Shoes from Irregular Choice!

bride and groom irregular choice shoes_rocknrollbride.com4

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming for a very important public service announcement. Irregular Choice released their Spring/Summer 2015 wedding collection last week and it includes shoes with bride and groom heels!!!

They cost £139 or £149, depending on the style, and available to pre-order right now for February 2015 delivery.

My favourite are definitely these pink “I love you” ones. SO ADORABLE!

bride and groom irregular choice

Although the gold glitter is pretty damn irresistible too!

bride and groom irregular choice shoes_rocknrollbride_1

I would say form an orderly queue… but who am I kidding? GO GO GO!


  1. Duaa


    I want to ask how can I order the Irregular Choice IDO style shoes I am Living in UAE and is it available in size 36 or 35 and how long it will take the shipment

  2. Jeanette Mackey

    The gold glitter bridal shoes I am living in Ireland how long would it take to deliver its to present to a bride at her bridal shower on 21st of August

  3. Tania


    I am from holland and I will love to buy the bridal shoes. Where I can do it?



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