10 Easy Ways to Creatively Wrap Your Christmas Gifts

December 14, 2014

easy ways to creatively wrap your christmas gifts

I’m not one of those people who expertly and meticulously wraps all their Christmas presents. I don’t have the patience and I’m too ham-fisted. So what I need is easy ways to do it. Ways that will make it look like I’ve made an effort, even if it took me three minutes flat.

Behold, ten stupidly easy wrapping ideas that not only look awesome but are so simple even I could recreate them.

If you blind them with neon, they won’t notice if you’ve done a crappy job

neon london

Source: NeonLdn

This is totally my style. Just cut to the chase already!

love the wine youre with

Source: Plate and Pencil

Wrap the whole galaxy around the gifts

galaxy wrapping

Source: Norman’s Printery

Or maybe some maps

alps maps wrapping

Source: Norman’s Printery

This one might take some more time, but it looks pretty (and pretty easy to do)

double wrap

Source: Design LoveFest

Animals win everytime

farm animals

Source:  Clap Clap Design

As does glitter!

glitter gift wrap

Source: The Supplies Diva

Scribble your own with this chalkboard paper

chalkboard paperjoy

 Source: Soiree Supply

This pretty watercolour paper will make it look like you’ve made a real effort

watercolour wrapping paper

Source: Lauren Draws Pctures

And this wordsearch is sure to entertain them!

wordsearch wrapping paper

Source: Save it for a Rainy Day