12 Reasons Your Dog Needs To Be At Your Wedding

June 27, 2014

12 reasons your dog needs to be at your wedding

It’s all too easy to forget about our furry little friends on your big day. I’m going on record and saying your dog needs to be there. And if you’re working to a strict headcount, just uninvite that weird aunt you never actually visit.

Here’s why you shouldn’t leave those poor little guys at home:

1. He’ll be really sad without you


Source: An Orchard Elopement

2. He’s already sorted his outfit


Source: Thrifty Maine Cornfield Wedding

3. He’s ready for his close up

pug beach seaside wedding

Source: A Vintage Great British Seaside Shoot

4. Seriously, this tuxedo isn’t going to wear itself


Source: Red + Black Rockabilly Wedding

5. He’s been dreaming about being a groomsman for ages


Source: An Alice Wedding in Australia

6. He’s always looked up to you


Source: Vintage Wedding at the Royal Observatory

7. After all, he’s man’s best friend


Source: Reclaimed & Revisited DIY Wedding

8. And you’re practically family


Source: An Anti-Princess, Nerdy & Eco-Friendly Wedding

9. You know he just wants to protect you


Source: Relaxed Backyard BBQ Wedding

10. He’ll make a great ringbearer


Source: Historic Cemetary Wedding

11. And he’ll give you space for romance


Source: A Farm Wedding with Fancy Dress, Fun & Frolics

12. …Just not too much!


Source: Glamorous pin up wedding