45 Things You Don’t Know About Me

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You’ll have to forgive me because this is nothing to do with weddings or business. But today I thought I’d draw back the curtains and share some of my secrets with you. I love finding out new things about the bloggers I read regularly, and I thought you might too. So here are 45 things you (probably) don’t know about me!

1. My favourite movie of all time is Back to the Future (closely followed by Back to the Future Part Two!)
2. My celebrity crush is Kiefer Sutherland.
3. I am obsessed with the Vampire Diaries and True Blood but I hate Twilight.
4. My first pet was a goldfish.
5. I once watched a whole season of The Hills in one sitting. I felt dumber afterwards.
6. Someone once genuinely asked me if pink was my natural hair colour…
7. …if you’re interested it’s actually dark brown.
8. I love me some pre-2007 Britney.
9. My cat, Rachel, is named after one of my sisters.
10. Gareth was my first serious boyfriend (aww!)

Kat and Gareth

11. I hate a messy house but I hate housework even more.
12. I have seen every season of 24 at least twice.
13. I hate chocolate! Yes, seriously. Most people don’t believe me but I literally can’t stand the stuff.
14. I used to love cross stitch. I once made my Nanny a little yellow duck picture and she still has it on top of her piano!
15. As a teenager I was obsessed, and I mean super-fangirl obsessed, with Boyzone. I saw them in concert eight times!
16. Ronan Keating? I still would…
17. I’m 5 foot 7 and I have size 7 feet.
18. I drink at least five cups of tea a day. Some days it’s actually closer to ten. Milk, no sugar please.
19. I can’t sing at all but when I’ve had one too many I will totally hog the karaoke.
20. I used to play the saxophone but I hated playing in public. I was forced to join the orchestra at school and so I used to just sit there pretending to play.

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21. I’m actually a pretty good cook. I’m no Nigella but I make a mean lasagne, the best guacamole, and my grilled salmon with sweet chilli sauce is Gareth’s current favourite meal.
22. I am a terrible speller.
23. I’m half Irish.
24. … and I think the Dublin accent is the most gorgeous accent in the whole wide world.
25. Before Rock n Roll Bride I was a producer at Bid TV.
26. I drive a black Honda Civic Type R.
27. My favourite vegetable is sweetcorn (on the cob, of course).
28. I studied film at university so I spent most of my time in a darkened room watching movies and then writing about them afterwards. What career I thought I was going to get into with that kind of Micky Mouse degree I have no idea.
29. I really love swimming but I’m too lazy to go.
30. The Rock n Roll Bride print magazine was Gareth’s idea.

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31. We went to Tokyo for our honeymoon!
32. One of my A-Levels is in photography. I was scared of the dark, dark room that you had to go into to change the film so I avoided doing it for the whole two years, always persuading someone else to do it for me. I still got a B.
33. I have never seen Star Wars…
34. …or Lord of the Rings.
35. I’ve also never read any of the Harry Potter books.
36. I don’t really ‘get’ the whole Ryan Gosling thing.
37. I don’t like red wine.
38. … but I make up for it with how much I love white wine.
39. I was once an extra on Waiting for God. I was only in primary school at the time and my parent’s wouldn’t let me watch it. I’ve still never seen it.
40. I think tomatoes are really gross.

happy mother's day

41. When I was about 10 my parents finally let us get a cat. The first time I held it it scratched me and I started crying. My mum thought I was crying because I was so happy and I didn’t want to correct her in case she thought the cat was naughty and took it back.
42. I think I might be the only blogger in existence who prefers a PC over a Mac.
43. I passed my driving test first time… but I had about 120 lessons in order to do so!
44. Our first dance was ‘All you Need is Love’ by The Beatles. I also have it tattooed on my left wrist.
45. I once met Christian Slater and looked like a compete goon in the photo we took.

christian slater

I mean, good God woman, I sure don’t know how to play it cool do I!?

What do people not know about you?


  1. I can’t believe you got your picture with Christian Slater, I’m jealous, I mean look at dem cheekbones! Enjoyed reading this, made me want to do one.

  2. Post author

    haha Autumn, don’t worry, if anyone ever sends me chocolate he heroically takes one for the team.

  3. PC over Mac all the way!
    Aaaand I’ve not seen Episodes 4, 5, or 6 of Star Wars because my ex didn’t school me in time 🙁 Still need to catch up.

  4. OK – one you need to correct this grievous omission to your cultural frame of reference and read Harry Potter. I will personally send you a Kat-style reward (erm… something pink) for every book you finish. It will change your life.

    Two, if you don’t ‘get’ the Ryan Gosling thing, watch one of his lesser-known movies with Steve Carrell called Crazy Stupid Love. I didn’t get it until I watched that movie either.

    And finaaaally I passed my test first time too *high five* x

  5. Angela

    LOVE this! Totally love that your mum commented too – what an awesome mum! 🙂 By the way, pink suits you sooooooo much more than dark brown! 🙂

  6. Cha

    33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38 ME TOO !!!! And I always feel like I’m the only one! Yay! <3 U

  7. Ashleigh

    This is a great little list!

    I definitely prefer PCs to MACS as well, I just find them far too confusing! Give me a Windows PC any day 🙂

  8. Post author

    sara ive seen crazy, stupid, love… i mean, i see that he is a reasonably attractive male… but well… he’s no Kiefer… or Ronan hahahaha!

  9. Well at least we know that no matter what happens in our lives, we will never fight over boys 😀

    Also, I read that as “I’m 57” too 😉 I thought “wow what face cream are you using???” 😛 xx

  10. I got to number 16 and laughed out loud! I’m SO with you on that one. I’ll always be the 14 year old girl in love with Boyzone. Also love #24 . . . but then I’m biased! 🙂

  11. Oh my god I just read your Boyzone obsession post! I can’t believe you admitted to such a thing, and yet so glad you did. Hilarious. Plus, Ronan Keating has only improved with time. Total babe.

  12. Post author

    Hollie – for my sins! HAHAHA. But I totally agree, now he has a sleeve tat and everything 😛

  13. Carly

    Hmm….I can’t help but be disappointed that there are certain animal related facts missing from this piece! Love you despite your boyzone obsession.

  14. Zi

    Fab piece! Amazing how many things I went ‘ME TOO’ to! Really don’t get the Ryan Gosling thing either!

  15. I can relate to quite a few of these…including never having read a Harry Potter, even though I’m a total blogging book nerd! I can only wish that I’d never seen Star Wars 🙁

  16. I have yellow eyes and size 3 feet (I’m not a cat)
    I was diagnosed with epilepsy at age 16 (now 58 and I’ve seen people’s attitudes change, it used to be a real stigma!)
    Never read a Harry Potter or watched Titanic and never will!
    I have a tendency to baa like a sheep when people do those set dance moves to music. Never be a sheep!
    I used to eat the orange Smarties out of the packet before giving them to my children, because I like orange Smarties best. It was years before they knew of their existence.
    I’ve had a sneaky peck on the cheek from Paolo Nuttini
    I was “Gok’d” and he’s lovely.
    I could go on but I won’t!!! 🙂

  17. Kat, no, thank goodness it wasn’t a TV episode, i would have hated that!. . .. I won a Gok makeover in a competition so just have a few photos 🙂 The best part was being squeezed into a tiny changing room with him kneeling down and pulling up my tights whilst telling me I have a great arse!!!

  18. LOVE LOVE LOVED this. and i loved seeing your own wedding (and was blown away by the fact it was not at all like i imagined)

    I havent watched star wars or lord of the rings either. I am terrible at long movies unless they really interest me and as such i have never watched titanic either.

  19. Love the fact you owned up to the Boyzone obssession, excellent! (Mine was A-ha, thought I would marry Morten Harket) So glad about the Ryan Gosling thing too…tiny little features in a big face. I don’t get it. Cats rule (one bit my head)

  20. Kaye

    I have a film degree and as much as I’ve had the same thoughts, it always makes me sad when people describe it as a “mickey mouse” course. 🙁

  21. I was a Boyzone fanatic and proud! But I am also a bit of a Ryan Gosling fan too, he’s fantastic in Drive, that’s the film I fell a little bit in love with him 🙂

    A little few facts about me too:

    – I never took art as a GCSE but now I make my living as a professional artist

    – I have a strange obsession with toothpaste and have to buy toothpaste when I go shopping even if I don’t need it

    – I was a gymnast for the county and my favorite apparatus was the parallel bars (because I liked dipping my hands into the chalk and creating chalk clouds!)

    – I’m deaf in one ear and can lip read (no one knows I can lip read so I can eavesdrop from miles away)

  22. Helen Burgin

    Tomatoes are *evil*!!!! Agreed (did you ever see a cartoon as a kid about killer tomatoes…?!)

    I’m currently blogging from a Samsung/Google Chrome book. I was a mac, now on this because I’m travelling heaps. Kinda eyeing up a pc for when I get to the ‘settling down with my own desk again’ stage.

    Also with you on the Ryan Gosling thing…!

    I was bought the most amazing burlesque apron for going away with – I’m a terrible cook but I can bake. Either way, I look fabulous burning/cooking food!

    I currently have a worrying addiction to crumpets. And jam.

  23. Yay! Another Blogger who hearts her PC! I have TRIED SO HARD to fall in love with Apple Macs, but we just don’t get on. My Sony VAIO is the best 😉

    Unknown fact about me? Lets keep it with the Irish Bands – I have had a crush on Bono from U2 since the age of about 12!

  24. WOW pc over mac (I have to admit I was surprised)
    Relieved to hear your crap a spelling (there’s hope for me then)!
    I will never read Harry Potter (as someone once told me I HAD to read them, and I never do as I’m told)! Same goes for Lord of the Rings!
    Back to future – Awesome! But The God Father wins it for me.
    Plus boyzone, whoo hoo! But I met Ronan once and I didn’t like his attitude so longer would 😉
    Have to admit I thought this post was going to be sorta ‘meh’ but it’s one of my favourites, how sad!

  25. I started off reading your post like, “hmm oo I like that too”…then as I got further down the page each thing I read turned into a hysteric “OMG SAME!!!!!”
    I was a BIG boyzone fan….I remember crying as a nine year old because I realised I would probably never meet them! haha The back to the future car model currently has pride of place on our kitchen shelf!
    One secret about me…hmmm I cant see through my left eye and have my right one insured! Thankfully my right eye is what I use to photograph with! I was also happy insuring a body part as it made me feel a little like JLO! Haha!

  26. I love reading these personal posts!! :)I’m PC over Mac but lately I’ve been using my mac a lot more….uh oh.


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