High School Prom Wedding: Elizabeth & Juan

2 and 3 Photography

January 3, 2014

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Elizabeth and Juan wanted their December wedding to be just like a High School Prom. “Our wedding theme helped everyone get in to the Prom spirit, attendees dressed in prom attire, and we went absolutely crazy with balloons”, began the bride. “Our wedding party was such a mixed, motley crowd. We wanted everyone to have fun and use their own style for their outfits. We wanted to run screaming from the traditional thing and my’s dream came true with my perfect pink dress. Our officiant even wore a purple prom dress!”

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“Also the venue was important since it took place at the State Fairgrounds where I had been going for fairs, festivals, and flea markets throughout my entire life. It is one of my favorite places on this earth! Better still, it was a bargain, just $800 for 13,600 square feet including bathroom attendant and security guard.”

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“Our first dance defined our wedding and we worked on it for months. We started out dreamy and slow and progressed into a full-blown hustle. I changed into a dress composed of silver sequins on strings for the dance that glittered like magic. Since we are both life-long dancers, the dance was a dream come true for both of us. It was our first choreographed dance together ever and we tore it up.”

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“We really saved money on all our decorations. We had sparkles, streamers, and wacky fun stuff galore. Other than the balloons and flowers we made all the centerpieces and got the supplies from Oriental Traders and the dollar store.”

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