Bright Red Wedding in Chicago: Grayson & Gareth

Sean Dorgan Photography

January 15, 2014


Grayson and Gareth wanted a colourful wedding and opted for a bright red theme. The bride’s dress, bouquet and nails were crimson red and there were flourishes throughout their reception décor too. The day was held at the Waldorf Astoria hotel in Chicago.

“First and foremost, my dress was red”, Grayson replied when I asked her what made their wedding unique, “I chose red because I wanted to be different from a normal bride. You don’t have to wear white to be a beautiful bride. I fell in love with Vera Wang’s red dress collection, but ended up going with a custom Anne Barge one so I could pick the perfect shade! I also didn’t want to walk down a normal aisle. I wanted a fashion show with a custom Minor in D remix. The ceremony was set up like a fashion show and I had a DJ spinning as I walked down the aisle. Guests were certainly blown away!”


“That was actually my favorite part of the day, walking down the aisle to see my man. His face and his emotion is something I will cherish forever. He kept telling me how beautiful I was and how much he loved me as the officiant was marrying us! Typical Gareth to not pay attention! I also loved sharing the night with our closest friends and family. I was on a high all night from love.”


“Gareth and I both love tattoos so we incorporated tattoo touches where I could”, she continued. “We had ‘Bride’ and ‘Groom’ signs made Mink’s Paperie on Etsy for our sweetheart table, she also did the card box. Our invites were tattoo themed with traditional Sailor Jerry hearts, nautical stars and sparrows. I made magnets for the tables, inspired by our invites and a tattoo Gareth and I both share, which is a nautical star with the date we starting talking.”


“Someone at work told me really good advice”, Grayson concluded. “They said ‘take a step back during the night to see your wedding. Look at the people dancing. Look at their faces. Enjoy their perspective of your day.’ They were so right, it goes by so fast and I’m so glad I did that.”