Business Bites: Bigger Goals and Geekery

September 13, 2013

edward addeo photography

Photography: Edward Addeo Photography

Spending two weeks away from my beloved computer doesn’t half make me desperate to crack on with work as soon as I get back. It’s totally geeky I know, but that’s just me! As soon as I’d gotten through all the emails (oh so many emails!) that had build up over the past fortnight I was straight onto plowing through my RSS feed to devour all those business articles that I’d missed.

My geekery is your gain… and there’s plenty to gain from this week’s selection, I promise!

Staying organised with an editorial calender
How can you develop an authentic brand?
Your goals are too small
♥ How to size your images so they look their best on Facebook
They throw rocks at things that shine

“What you need to know is the following: some people just won’t like you. And some people won’t like me. They’ll spend hours plotting to dismantle your name and shake the love you have for what you do. What I’ve come to discover is that these people are unhappy, disillusioned, and frustrated with their current state so they want to hurt others they way they themselves are hurting.” Jasmine Star

10 hurdles I’ve faced as a blogger and how I got over them
Should you ever work for free?  
♥ Do you suffer from last minute panic syndrome?
♥ Three ways to deal with industry competition

“Not everything has to be a giveaway, remember it is a business.” Marie Forelo

♥ Hate your job? Here’s how to fix it
♥ Starting a blog? Read these basics first
♥ How to make a promotional video for your business
♥ Is blogging still relevant in a world of social media?