Business Bites: Making Your Dreams a Reality

August 9, 2013

one pot spagetti

Image: Apron Strings

I’m not the best housewife but I made this for dinner on Monday night and it was flipping delicious and SO EASY. It look a whole ten minutes. I actually added some chopped up sausages to it after it was cooked too, Gareth is a hardcore carnivore and a veggie dish for dinner probably wouldn’t have gone down that well. Oh yeah, I’ll be winning that wife of the year award in no time!

But onto much more exciting things, lovely business learning clicky links:

How to make a good first impression
♥ 6 tips for managing multi-author blogs without losing your mind
♥ If you’re looking for a new WordPress theme for your blog or website, Shauna has laid out some of the best places to get ’em.
♥ Stuck on what to blog about? Use these awesome prompts (88 of ’em!)
 Darren Rowse of ProBlogger spoke at World Domination Summit all about dreams and how to make them your reality. It was great. Do yourself a favour and take a 40 minute break to check it out…

♥ When should start-ups worry about creating a brand?
Out of the box ways to drive traffic to your website
♥ Collaborate to Fantasticate!
♥ Writing and speaking for introverts – I’m definitely an extrovert but I found these tips useful nonetheless.
♥ And just because it’s Friday: 8 freaking easy steps to procrastinate your Friday away

Until next week, friends!