Business Bites: Contagion and Controversy

July 19, 2013

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Photography: Vincent Sandoval

Oh hello there friend, how the devil are you? As usual I’ve been a busy bee this week. Apart from the obvious admin and writing that comes with this lil job of mine, I’ve been furiously putting very nearly final touches to two big projects that I’ve been working on for the past 6 months or so.

The first is issue 3 of the print magazine which is due out in August. It’s been SUCH a mammoth project as unlike the previous two issues it is filled with 100% brand new and exclusive content. I call it a magazine but it’s basically been like writing a damn book! There’s new real weddings, unseen DIY tutorials and a bunch of advice articles I’ve penned just for the mag. I’ve also organised two massive photo shoots for it. The first was an editorial shoot with proper models and some proper gorgeous wedding inspiration which I’m not afraid to tell you I’m super duper proud of. I can’t wait for you guys to see it!

The second was the cover shoot. With all the content now being previously unseen I figured I should also come up with a brand new cover shoot concept to tie it all together. Those of you that follow me on Instagram might have seen a couple. of. hints as to what it’s going to look like already…and yes, that gold dress was just as glorious in real life (thank you Fur Coat No Knickers!)

The second project is a collaboration that I’m also super excited about. I don’t think I want to tell you exactly what it is yet (such a tease!) but it involved sparkly pretty things that you’ll be able to buy.

Oh and in other news (phew!) I had an article published by Cosmopolitan Magazine featuring my top 10 weddings. Did your favourite make the list?


Six steps to making your content contagious (this is really, really brilliant by the way!)
How to stay productive while flying
♥ More people are doing marketing badly than any other profession I can imagine
How to deal with controversy

“A good controversy demands that we draw a line in the sand and dare others to cross it. If you’ve got a topic so heartfelt and genuine that you just have to share it – do it. One post that’s near and dear to you will be worth more to your readers than ten “safe” posts.”

♥ Emily and Jess wrote about the 10 mistakes they made as new bloggers (we all make ’em, it’s how we deal with and learn from them that counts!)
♥  Love Lucy’s honestly in this post: A day in the life with an 18 month old and a breadwinning business
♥ Simple steps for successful partnerships
7 surprising skills blogging is teaching you
♥ On writing a book (Part one: getting a book deal)

Have a kick ass weekend guys!


  1. Im so glad this What If Money Didnt Matter video is going around! Two of my friends have posted it on my FB wall, Ive posted it everywhere I possibly can and this is the third time today it has crossed my path 🙂 I think we should watch this every single morning until we truly find a way to follow our hearts and do what we are passionate about.

  2. That’s a great video – and a very true one.
    I’m at the point, where I have to figure out, which one of the endless I-probably-won’t-make-money-out-of-it possibilities to choose…

  3. Fabulous! I read the Jasmine article earlier this week, but I’ve now I’ve made a list of stuff that’s gone right, I’ve made a list of what I’m grateful for, I’ve subscribed to MarieTV and I’ve shared the video…. I am certain that I’m doing what I love and even though I do have tough times every now again, it is great blog posts like yours Kat, that help keep me on track and remember why I do it! Have a great weekend x

  4. I’ve learnt more from your green room Kat than I have spending £20,000 going to uni completing a business enterprise degree! LOOOOVEE ROCKNROLLBRIDE!

    Thank you so much! Can’t wait to start my handmade hair piece venture now 🙂


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