Low Key Spanish Elopement: Satu & John

David de Biasí

May 30, 2013


Over the past few weeks I’ve been interviewed by three major media outlets about the rise of low key weddings (Grazia, The Daily Mail and the BBC). A number of celebrities have recently tied the knot in uncharacteristically understated ways (Keira being the latest) which has prompted the mainstream media interest, but as any Rock n Roll bride will know this is really nothing new. Planning your wedding in your own way has been something I’ve championed ever since this blog began waaaay back in 2007 and I’m honoured to have featured so many beautiful, small and honest weddings over the years. Of course I am thrilled that the mainstream are finally starting to sit up and take notice though – catch up guys!


Finnish Satu and John’s gorgeous Spanish wedding was held up in the Marbella hills.”We are a nature and animal loving couple so we wanted to celebrate our vows in a beautiful surroundings on the hills”, began the bride. “It totally reflects our lifestyle. The wedding was in April and that time of the year is so beautiful in Southern Spain. The nature is at it’s best, still fresh and green with pleasant temperatures and soft sunlight. Our photographer, David de Biasí, really beautifully captured that in the photos. We loved that our location was so secluded and that our dog, who is most definitely a member of our family, could take part in the ceremony.”


“Without down playing the importance of family and friends I think we avoided a lot of stress by keeping our wedding just for us and our daughter Agnes – simple, private and intimate. The wedding day basically concentrated on the essential – i.e. exchanging the vows. The day felt relaxed and almost spontaneous. I put on my make up, got dressed and took out my bike and rode it to the ceremony.”