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You never really know how a new blog series is going to go down with your readers, so I was so thrilled to read all your positive comments about Business Bites last weekend. I appreciate every single comment I get on this ‘lil blog of mine (ahem, well except those kinds of comments) so keep ’em coming!

I hope you’ve had an awesomely productive week. I’ve been making real progress with issue three of the magazine and I’m literally bursting at the seams with excitement. I’m hoping (touch friggin’ wood) to be publishing it mid-Summer again so watch this space. We’re down to the last few copies of issue two (once it’s gone it’s gone!) so bloody hell, I better not have gone and flipping jinxed it now…

Alrighty then, let’s get on with the show…

♥ If you’re a photographer in the UK, I’m sure you won’t have missed the news of the government’s new ‘Instagram law’. There’s obviously been a lot of angry photographers raging about it, but this BBC piece offers some much needed clarity
♥ However it’s obviously going to be pretty crappy if the law is passed, so if you’re in the UK please take two minutes to sign this online petition!
How to move ahead when everything sucks
Say it backwards
♥ This market research for the wedding industry is so invaluable
Explaining what makes you, you
♥ Having business cards on you at all times is so important but Danielle took hers to another level. You’re never going to forget the babe that gave you one of these are you!?
♥ Do you make these 6 domain name mistakes?
♥ Find what you love and let it kill you

Until next week, friends!


  1. Oooooo this makes me so mad this “Instagram” law!
    As a UK photographer primarily specialising in georgously lush weddings I am also a contributor to three of the worlds largest stock agencies. Our agencies have very tight laws on copyright, model and property releases and these are stringently policed with gusto.
    As a photographer we work pretty bloody hard with what we do to achieve the results for our clients and until now have been protected.
    I suppose this is just another kick in the nuts from out government and I am sooo not surprised!
    Unfortunately it’s a sign of the times where online identity theft is rife and they try to stop that with one hand and allow miserable theiving pilchards on the other to nick our lovely images. Not only that but there are often people in those images who have not given consent to 3rd party users. There is always a chance that there images could be used in a deformatory way.


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