Business Bites: Magazines & Mini Meltdowns

May 10, 2013


Photography: You are my Fave

Yesterday Gareth & I hotfooted it to Brighton for a mini shoot with the inimitable Lisa Devlin for our magazine. Did I mention that I’m working – hard! – on the next issue right now? Oh yes, I am soooo super excited about it because I just know it’s going to be even bigger and better than the last two editions. I’m actually taking the idea in a brand new direction and I’m super duper psyched to see what you all think about it! Onwards and upwards and all that…

In other news, next Tuesday I’m taking part on Cosmopolitan Magazine’s superblogger masterclass. I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty darn nervous about it all. I’d love to see some friendly faces there, so if you’re able to get to London next Tuesday evening and you have a spare £30 lying around (honestly, what a bargain!) I’d love to see you. There’s a cocktail reception before it starts too so we can all gather for a drink and steady our nerves together. Now that sure sound like a jolly good plan to me!

Now please excuse me while I try not to have a mini meltdown…

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How to handle online bullying
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♥ How to know when it’s time to move on
How to write copy that goes viral

“The best approach is to write for just one person. Make an impact on just one person. Even better, make it so they can’t sleep that night unless they choose to make a difference for just one other person by sharing your message with them” Seth Godin

How nice is too nice?
Farewell to fear
♥ Don’t waste your life (if you only click one link this week, let it be this one)
♥ Why curate, why create?
Activity breeds activity


  1. Im so glad this What If Money Didnt Matter video is going around! Two of my friends have posted it on my FB wall, Ive posted it everywhere I possibly can and this is the third time today it has crossed my path 🙂 I think we should watch this every single morning until we truly find a way to follow our hearts and do what we are passionate about.

  2. That’s a great video – and a very true one.
    I’m at the point, where I have to figure out, which one of the endless I-probably-won’t-make-money-out-of-it possibilities to choose…

  3. Fabulous! I read the Jasmine article earlier this week, but I’ve now I’ve made a list of stuff that’s gone right, I’ve made a list of what I’m grateful for, I’ve subscribed to MarieTV and I’ve shared the video…. I am certain that I’m doing what I love and even though I do have tough times every now again, it is great blog posts like yours Kat, that help keep me on track and remember why I do it! Have a great weekend x

  4. I’ve learnt more from your green room Kat than I have spending £20,000 going to uni completing a business enterprise degree! LOOOOVEE ROCKNROLLBRIDE!

    Thank you so much! Can’t wait to start my handmade hair piece venture now 🙂


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