Remembering Why…


Why did you start your business? What was it that made you want to leave the security of a regular paycheck, employee benefits and never having to calculate your own tax?

For me it happened by accident. I started this blog to document my wedding planning. I always loved to write and wistfully pondered a vague notion of one day finding a topic that I was passionate enough about to properly pursue… and them baaamb! I felt in love with weddings, but more so with wanting to inspire other brides to do things their own way.

As time went on I found that I also loved writing about the process of running my own business. As someone with no formal business training or qualifications (I didn’t even do business studies at school), who is brought out in a cold sweat by the thought of accounts, taxes and budgets, I’m certainly not the most obvious candidate to have branched out in this direction! But I love it, and in many ways the community I’ve become a part of because of this area of my blog is even more satisfying than the wedding one. Of course I adore every single one of my bride-to-be readers, but usually (there are a few exceptions!) as soon as their weddings are over they’re off and Rock n Roll Bride becomes a distant memory. Those of you that read these business rambles are the ones in it for the long haul. You’re the ones I like to think of as my long lost friends and my blogging comrades, and for each of you I am immensely grateful.


So I guess I started this blog to give myself a voice, and because of some deep-rooted desire to want to belong and to find ‘my people’. That’s something I need to always remember, as do you. Remind yourself of your own reasons for staring your business and refer back to them if the road starts to feel a little rocky.

It’s easy to forget those first few flurries of excitement that coerced through our veins at the dawn of our business idea. I don’t want to be cynical but after a while apathy, or even burnout, can creep up on you like a creature in the night. It’s difficult when you hit that wall because you love your work and you want to make a difference, but it’s getting hard… or you’ve forgotten that initial passion and you’re just going through the motions. You can start to lose sight of why you even started to do it in the first place.

If you’re still struggling, take a well-earned break. Holidays are amazing, but even stepping away from your computer for a day or two can really help you to refind that passion. I don’t know about you, but whenever I’m away from the office for a prolonged period of time, I always come back with fresh eyes and a notebook full of ideas. I’m raring to get back to it and I may even have a brilliant idea for a new project or direction.

Whether, like me, you started as a hobby, or you went into this wanting to make it your full time job, it’s a really beneficial exercise think back and revisit your old goals. I bet you’ve achieved a lot more than you give yourself credit for. Whatever your reasons were, if  they were exciting enough for you to start in the first place, I bet ya that remembering what they were will excite you yet again.




  1. Great article and so much of it is so so true for me too. I’m looking to rebrand and I’ve been going through all my recent photos for portfolio winners and it struck me the other day how much I’d “forgotten that initial passion and…[I was] just going through the motions.” Thankfully I’ve had a break and also a large dose of inspiration and learning so hopefully I’ll start challenging myself again! Thanks for sharing so honestly 🙂

  2. Great entry Kat! I am currently pushing through one of these dreary periods of apathy… I feel like I’m sitting around waiting for inspiration to fall into my lap (which I know won’t happen unless I go out looking for it…). I find my drive to write is almost in direct correlation with the sense of worthiness I feel for my blog. I don’t have a huge readerbase yet so I sometimes struggle to see my blog as a success… just need to remember to stay focused and positive I spose! MJ x

  3. Brilliant post Kat. I gave up the security of my full time job along with all the benefits – healthcare, pension and so on. But I would not change it for the world. Thank god for my hubby who believes in me 100% and it gives me the motivation and faith to keep going xx

  4. Thanks for this Kat. At the end of last week I got an email which I just kinda read and accepted. Over the weekend I was chatting to my mates about it and I said: “Oh it’s not a big deal!” To which they looked at me stunned and said….”are you kidding? This is a f!£king massive deal! Sit down and look at where you were and what you actually wanted to do…..this proves you’ve just done it!”

    It was then that it really hit me. Sometimes you are so busy plodding along doing your stuff from day to day, that forget to absorb the mega incredible stuff too. So now I’m writing down set, specific goals and everytime I reach one I’m celebrating. I’d already hit 2 goals and hadn’t really noticed because I’d been so caught up with what I was doing each day! Opps!

    Anyway….thanks for keeping us focused and on track….even though this reply might not be quite on track 🙂


  5. Thanks Kat – lots of inspiration and wise words 🙂 I’m at the start of my journey, feelings of excitement but lots of nerves too… the unknown is a scary place but I’m hoping I’ll like it there! Gem x

  6. Mich

    Hi Kat . I believe I was meant to find your blog as it could not come at a more opportune time for me. I got married six months ago and I was made redundant from my job two weeks ago.
    I loved poring over your wedding blog for inspiration during planning and still love having a stickybeak after the wedding. However your green room features are a godsend because I am at a crossroads with my career. I feel this redundancy is a sign from above to pursue what I am passionate about and to start my own business and sustainable design blog. You are so inspriring and such a positive role model in that you are so much more than a wedding blogger and give back what you’ve learnt to those who helped your blog become what it is. You have ethics and a whole lot of heart . I take my hat off to you! x

  7. Post author

    Aww Mich what a comment. Thanks so much 🙂 Happy to help and good luck to you! Now go and rock it out!

  8. I’m so glad I found you! I was on Pinterest, which led to Ciera Design’s 10 favorite blogs, which led to Nubby Twiglet, which led to Blogcademy, which led to you! WHEW! I live in Texas and I am in the process of launching a blog for multicultural brides and I’m excited to find someone who is sharing her authentic point of view. Your blog rocks, girl!!

  9. Rachel

    I’m a bride that stuck around – almost two years now! I don’t work for myself, or in the wedding industry, or have a blog, or plan to even, but I still really enjoy the green room posts. Just back from holiday and having to catch up on the weddings and the green room!

  10. My wedding was sadly cancelled in 2010 but I’ve stuck around – this was the only wedding-related habit I couldn’t break afterwards.

    I found your blog while hunting for a short wedding dress and have stuck around since. Mostly this is because of the business focus and content that you have introduced and maintained. I love the links and discoveries I’ve made via here, and it has helped me on my journey from wage slave to artist.

    Keep up the good work!


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