In the Beginning…


Being at the start of something is an exciting but frustrating time. You have all these ideas and you’re full of enthusiasm (exciting!) but you feel like you’re often held back by your lack of experience, connections or knowledge (frustrating!) A brand new business is like a blank sheet of paper. It can become anything and everything you want it to. It’s full of potential and endless possibilities… you just have to start writing.

If you’re just getting started with your business, instead of feeling like you’re always going to be ten steps behind, I’d implore you to take advantage of this important time.

You’re not jaded

I don’t want to sound cynical, but in any career there will come a time when you start to feel frustrated with something to do with it. However when you’re at the beginning this is way, way off. As a newbie you have no baggage and no wounds that need to heal. Use this time and your positive attitude to really propel yourself forward. Just be sure to remember this feeling when you’re an old cynic like the rest of us!


You’re fearless

Again, it sounds super downbeat, but when you’re a rookie you probably haven’t been burnt by anything yet. Use your fearlessness to take risks, fail quickly, make mistakes, learn and grow. You don’t yet have the pressure of making money or supporting others so use this time to do something a little crazy. Be weird, wonderful and wacky. Harness those grand ideas and don’t be afraid to be different. Remember if you’ve got nothing, you’ve got nothing to lose!

You’re Passionate

When everything is brand new you have passion and an epic drive to succeed. But hold off going full-steam ahead with any and every idea or impulse you have. Be methodical about how, and when, you do things. Be sure to keep everything you do consistent and always ask yourself, “Does this is work well for my brand?” and “What does this say about me?”


You’re full of new ideas

One of the best things about being brand new is that you’re fresh-faced and full of new ideas! As with your passion, be sure to harness them and save them up for when you’re lacking inspiration. You shouldn’t try to do everything at once. Keep a notebook with you at all times (or use your phone) to jot down any and all ideas you have, however crazy they seem, and don’t censor yourself – ever.

This is a time when you’re inspired by everything and motivated more than ever so be sure to keep hold of that as long as possible. Of course the key here is to not run with all these ideas right away. Mull them over, improve them over time, reign them back if need be… you never know when something might click into place and your little kernel of an idea is your next big breakthrough.

The only way is up!

Being stuck – as you might see it – at the bottom can be difficult  You feel like you have a mountain to climb and that you’ll never catch up. But here’s a secret for you, this isn’t a race and there’s no prize for finishing first. Also remember that from where you’re standing, the only way is up!

When you’ve been running your business for a while some things might start to slip or plateau – enquiries, orders coming in, website traffic, social media numbers – and that can be disheartening. But right now, you ain’t got nothing to lose. Figure out what works and what doesn’t, have fun and just go for it!




  1. Great post, thank you! I’m just about to set up as a sole trader, so am indeed full of ideas and enthusiasm and I’m really enjoying this time! I never thought my poems would interest anyone apart from friends and family!

  2. This is a great posting. I’ve been in business for 3-4 years. These words have uplifted me. I was feeling discouraged. I am keeping this as a reminder of what got me going. THANK YOU!

  3. Perfect timing Kat, thank you for this post. I do so love the Green Room.
    Since attending the Blogcademy I have been absorbing so much new information and sometimes it does feel a bit overwhelming but exciting too! I keep having to remind myself to take things slow and at a steady pace and not rush along and make rash decisions that may impact upon my site later.
    So far I am on track though for my plan for my blog this year so that pleases me and is spurring me onto, hopefully, greater things.
    Onwards and upwards!
    Anita xx

  4. Thanks for this post, Kat. I am in the process of starting up a photography business, and had a real ‘down moment’ this weekend when I got completely overwhelmed by how far I still had to go.

    But you are right, sometimes slow times are really good to be free, have ideas and rest up for the mad times!

    Thanks again! 🙂 Xx

  5. anna

    Thanks Kat! In few months it’s going to be a year since I started…. And I feel most of the time stuck at the bottom. Your words are so true! I gonna try to enjoy this time more… ‘this isn’t a race and there’s no prize for finishing first’!
    Thank you again!

  6. If only every new business owner in the wedding industry could read this before they start, or even better have it printed out and stuck on thier office/ bedroom/ kitchen wall as a reminder!

    A great read and essential for any newbies out there, Thaks Kat 🙂


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