Talking of Inspiration…

Wow. This girl is 14 years old and she’s more intelligent and articulate than I can ever dream of being. Inspirational as hell.

Talking of child prodigies, I’ve been reading all about Tavi, the ‘tiny fashion blogger’ this week. She started blogging at eleven and by the time she was thirteen was getting around 50,000 visitors to her blog a day as well as being invited to all the fashion shows, working with some of the most iconic fashion designers…oh and being photographed for glossy magazines.

Image via Style Rookie

She’s now the editor in chief of her own magazine..and she’s fifteen. I’ve spent more time than I’d like to admit reading Rookie Mag, aimed at teenage girls, this week. In my defense, this article on the Spice Girls and feminism is all kinds of awesome and I still always feel like I’m a 15 year old girl in a grown up world.

I guess the reason for today’s post is just to share with you that it’s easy to get wrapped up in our own little ‘wedding industry bubble’ and forget to stop and look around a bit. That inspiration can come from any avenue (and at any age!) Keep those eyes open and diversify what you look at and read. You never know what you might find hidden behind an awkward teenage exterior.


  1. Bran

    Wow! She speaks so fluidly and succinctly. If only there were more of her around. Nice blog Kat x

  2. Loved the article on the Spice Girls. Cannot believe the age of the author, but extremely heartening to see a new generation of feminists who are able to express themselves so articulately.

  3. Her blog was always my go to place when I needed to get back to me, it completely reminded me of being a teenager with all that enthusiasm and creativity. I loved reading about her discovering Courtney Love and bands i found at that age, and all her dressing up. Love love love Rookie mag now. Really wish it has been around 15 years ago. Eek I’m getting old!


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