DIY Tutorial: No-Sew Felt Gift Envelopes by Princess Lasertron

December 10, 2011

As someone who pretty much sucks at all things crafty, I was super excited when this no-sew-super-cute-but-super-simple DIY tutorial landed in my inbox from my Sister From Another Mister, Megan of Princess Lasertron. Even I could make these babies!

Wouldn’t these just be the cutest way to wrap your Christmas gifts this year?

Take it away Mrs…

This is an easy no-sew (barely) felt envelope that I designed to hold a small note and gift for, say, a bridesmaid or flower girl or any special friend. With the template provided, you can use you imagination to make the project as I’ve designed it, or you can use more masculine colors or simpler buttons and stitching to serve as gift packaging for men, children, or anyone else on your gift list. (They are the perfect size to hold a gift card!) It’s a simple but fun project that is open to lots of extra personalization and creativity.

None of the materials are hard to find. Most of the felt projects I do require felt yardage, which has to be purchased in large quantities by-the-bolt, but small 9×12” sheets of felt from any craft store are ideal for this small gift envelope. The closure is a simple button–any kind will do–and beyond that, all that is needed is scissors and fabric glue.

My motto is “Make it Pretty,” and the attention to detail, careful finishing techniques, personalization, and love I put into everything I make has made my bridal design company Princess Lasertron a worldwide success. I design and create felt flower bouquets, dresses, and accessories for fabulous brides using wool felt yardage and hard-to-find vintage notions and trims, but I designed this lovely little gift envelope to be easy to make with materials you can find at any hobby or craft store. Just add your own love, personality, and magic and your gift envelope will be perfect. (And remember, Make it Pretty!)

Supplies Needed

9×12” square of felt (the standard size sold in any craft or hobby store)
Fabric glue (I use Fabri-Tac)
Printable envelope template which can be downloaded here
Marker pen
Button (Shank buttons work best…those are the ones with a back hook rather than holes)
Needle and thread


Step 1: Print and cut out the envelope template. Trace it onto your felt with the marker. If you have disappearing ink for fabric, that is great, and if not, you can just carefully cut inside the ink line.

Step 2: Cut a rectangle of scrap felt the same length as the inside of the envelope–the width doesn’t really matter. It’s going to be an inside pocket, so make it a bit wide, but 1-2 inches should be sufficient.

Step 3: Draw a bead of fabric glue around the bottom of the scrap, leaving the top open for treasures. Press firmly to the inside of the envelope.

Step 4: Fold the smaller side flaps of your envelope in to the center and use a dot of fabric glue to secure.

Step 5: Fold up the bottom flap and draw a bead of fabric glue along each edge. Press to secure.

Step 6: Stitch your button to the center of the envelope, where the side and bottom flaps meet.

Step 7: Fold over the top of your envelope to mark where the buttonhole should be so you can close the envelope. Snip a small slit on the mark and test it–aim for a smaller cut, not larger, so the closure is secure.

Step 8: Iron folds flat.

Step 9: Fill with notes, vintage clip-on earrings, tiny candies, or other treasures for the lucky friend who will receive your beautiful handmade gift!

♥ For bonus points, you can use more felt scraps, trims, iron-on letters or designs to further personalize each envelope (as shown with the label I made for my daughter Alice).

 ♥ Make these as gift toppers and stitch the monogram of the recipient on the front of each envelope before gluing the flaps in.
♥ Use an envelope to hold your business cards. Put cards you receive from others inside the inner pocket
♥ You can resize the template before printing for larger or smaller envelopes.
♥ Stick a gift card inside for a spruced-up secret santa gift.
♥ For more advanced sewers, try making this project with fabric rather than felt. Add a little seam allowance on the flaps and topstitch them before securing in the center.
♥ Upload finished pictures of your envelope projects to Princess Lasertron’s Flickr stream, Make it Pretty!