Rock n Roll Bride Magazine Available to Order Online

October 17, 2011

Dottie Photography

When Gareth & I came up with the idea of a Rock n Roll Bride Magazine to hand out at the Designer Vintage Bridal Show we had no idea how crazy the internet would go for it!

I love print. Typography and images look so much more amazing on glossy paper. This is how they are supposed to be seen! However I was always under the impression that most of my readers preferred blogs to print magazines. They’re free, they’re easily and quickly updated and you can comment and discuss things about the articles right there and then. Yet when I shared the front cover of this first issue on twitter and facebook, you guys went mad for it, demanding (serious…it was kinda scary) where you could buy a copy! So you gave us an idea…

For years people have been telling me I should write a book – a book about blogging or about wedding planning…well about anything really. But you know what? Although I hugely admire bloggers who write books, I’m not really a booky kinda gal (well not yet, anyway!)…I am however a magazine junkie. So what better way to channel this ‘oh you need to get into print’ nag than to create my own magazine?! By no means is Rock n Roll Bride going exclusively into print. The online blog will still be the main focus of the business, but I do love the idea of something you can hold in your hands, collect and keep forever.

Thanks to your support, we’ve decided to produce a yearly ‘best of the best’ magazine. It will be advertisement free and will be essentially a glossy, limited edition and highly collectable extension of the website. The magazine will be a condensed selection of my favourite real weddings, articles and DIY tutorials.

We budgeted for this first issue to be free, so if you want to get your mitts on a limited edition copy (we only have about 500 copies left in stock) all we ask is that you cover the shipping and handling costs. For future issues we’ll be charging a small cover price + P&P…and yes we will ship worldwide!

Each issue will be limited edition and for the foreseeable future you’ll only be able to buy it through (however if a publisher comes-a-knocking who knows where this could lead?!)

The magazine has even got some press of its own already. PrintWeek featured the launch in its online and print magazine this week! You can read the article online here. How nuts is that?

To order your copy of issue one, simply click the image below