Cecilia’s Fairytale Portrait Session….with Baby Bunnies!

I wouldn’t say I was an overly feminine girly girl…well girly yes…but more in a ridiculous barbie, rainbow haired, massive tutu wielding kinda way than a pretty or delicate one. However when I saw Cecilia’s fairytale themed portraits by the incredible Axioo (actually shot by owner David Soong’s wife Fen!) I just about died right there and then. Bunnies, they have fluffy bunnies!

Rock n Roll? Well maybe not the most alternative thing I’ve ever featured, but we all need a bit of girl escapism once in a while don’t we? And this is a place I want to run a way to, like now please! Plus her dress by upcoming young designer Melta is just about perfect non?

Love love love love LOVE!

The other scenes still feature the baby bunnies (yes!) but Cecilia changed into a few more outfits, a cute PJ-ensemble where she posed with a giant teddy bear…

…and a couple of more elegant evening dresses…

Be sure to check out the full set after the jump!

Thank you to Cecilia, David & Fen for sharing these with us today.

Photography Credit: Axioo


  1. That shoot is gorgeous, it actually makes me catch my breath a little and this is also from a non-girly girl. I adore that dress, actually completely adore it and want one, just to wear around the house and to the shops and when playing in the woods…

  2. I saw this one last week (Axioo is one of my favorite photography teams!) and fell in love… made me wish I had some bunnies.

  3. Post author

    Karen the designer is an independent designer in Singapore and she doesn’t seem to have a website 🙁 not that I could find anyway

  4. OMG the dress is amazing, just my style, the photo shoot is gorgeous and the light is so perfect, I`m dreaming about something similar for me wow it will be great.
    This is one of my favorite posts, thanks Rocknrolldbride for share this unique shoots with us.

  5. yohanna

    @Karen & Kat: the Designer is from Indonesia, she is situated in Jakarta. Her office is in Jakarta.

  6. yohanna

    Oh and by the way, Axioo is also from Jakarta. 🙂 the couple are Indonesians too.. so basically, u have to contact from Axioo to get in touch with Melta.

  7. Angi

    absolutely incredible!!! but not something that everyone can pull off!

  8. Leah Brasher

    Where did she get that dress?? I’ve followed these pics all the way from pinterest to axioo to rocknrollbride…and no metion of where the dress came from! I want it so bad!

  9. Leez

    This is Melta Yani’s phone number: +628176002186, i found it in the forum (femaledaily.com/forum) and am about to contact her to order wedding shoes, from what i’ve found/read online, she made stunning wedding shoes too!

  10. Malia

    Ugh! I looooove this dress! It took a bit of digging to find the info on how to get the dress. But $2200-3200 is out of my price range! :'( If anyone wants to sell their used melta wedding dress, let me know!

  11. Princess Alvina

    I absolutely looooove and adore the photo shoot with the cream-coloured princess dress and the bunnies. I just love it. You look gorgeous and the bunnies are absolutely cuuuuttteee and adorable.

  12. Ashley lauren

    I have loved this dress for years! I can’t believe I found this article. Please tell me who makes this dress. This is my DREAM dress! It’s magical


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