A Zombie Attack Engagement Shoot

So I saw a few of these images on various forums late last week, and then people started emailing me to tell me I had to check them out…and I’ll be honest, at first I was like “Huh? I don’t get it!” But then I received an email from Amanda Rynda, the photographer behind this engagement shoot, and I realised I hadn’t seen the full story.

A zombie attack engagement shoot? Eff yes!

Amanda told me all about the idea behind this crazy shoot. “I went to college with Juliana (we both studied animation at CalArts) so when Ben & Juliana got engaged and had the idea to do a zombie themed engagement session, I was so excited to be a part of it. They wanted to put their personalities into it and do something a little quirky. Quirky is right up my alley so I knew we’d have a great time pulling this idea together. Juliana told me ‘We want to survive a zombie attack and then hug because we’re in love!’ Who wouldn’t jump to do an engagement session like that?!”

“We didn’t do much to prepare. Our zombie (and fellow CalArts alum) Jason Boesch arrived with Ben & Juliana. Juliana styled the shoot and did the makeup. We just grabbed a shovel from my garage and headed out to have some fun. When we arrived at the location (just off the side of the road in Valencia CA) we just had to touch up Jason’s make up and then we ran with the idea making sure to just enjoy ourselves.”

“I knew I had to focus on the story unfolding so during the session, I tried to imagine I was a storyboard artist as I shot the photos. When I got home and looked at all the photos, I started sequencing my images. Then I color scripted them not unlike a feature film might. For the final touches, I had some fun zombifying Jason a little further using photoshop.”

Enjoy! (and try not to have nightmares…)

Be sure to check out the full set after the ‘jump’ (includes many unseen images) and flick through them chronologically for the best experience!

Thank you so much to Ben & Juliana for being so mental (I mean creative) with their engagement shoot idea and to photographer Amanda Rynda for wanting Rock n Roll Bride to be the wedding blog to feature them. Yey!

Photography Credit: Amanda Rynda Photography



  1. Post author

    Jenni – i dont think romance was the idea – the couple wanted to do something fun and different!

  2. OMG! My husband and I have been talking about wanting a couple to call us and do this very type of shoot for ages!

    This couple are so beyond rad that my head explodes.

    I am so jealous I an’t speak right now. *Throws toys wildly out of pram*

  3. Angie

    I like, partly because they didn’t limit themselves to JUST the zombie bit when they did it. I love the zombie attack idea, it’s lots of fun. But you see stuff like that often enough, but the fact they have a good mix of the zombie photos and some truly nice romantic shots really stands out to me.

  4. So great to finally find out who was responsible for this amazing shoot!
    Fun images and gorgeous work!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!
    Can definitely picture this scene in a zombie movie!!!

  5. When I saw this last week, my first thought was “greatest e-sesh ever!” Today, I still think it’s the greatest e-sesh ever. It’s done well and the couple is just too cute.

  6. I’d never even heard of E-shoots when I was getting married and still can’t imagine me and my husband feeling comfortable enough to do it – but a zombie-attack shoot I can TOTALLY imagine us doing…and loving!

    My absolute favourite is the obligatory shot taken of the couple from the neck-down … with the slain zombie at their feet, weapons in one hand, glasses of wine in the other.


  7. Canon camera reviewer

    That’s so awesome that you have such insane… Er… I mean creative friends! Love these types of ideas for engagements/weddings – much more fun than your typical shots.


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