Under the Spotlight – Honeymoon Ideas from Mahlatini

July 5, 2011

Having trouble deciding where to go on your honeymoon? Maybe you fancy laying on the beach in the Maldives but your husband-to-be wants to safari it around Kenya? Well Mahlatini are here to help. Their flexible and eclectic honeymoon options are perfect for people that want something different.

Mahlatini offer a range of holiday and honeymoon choices. Their ‘twin centre’ honeymoon packages specialise in holidays with two or locations included.

“These holidays are growing in popularity and Africa in particular lends itself to providing a diversity of experiences in one trip,” they explain, “Honeymooners in particular are drawn to twin centre safari and beach honeymoons which combine an action packed safari or city break with perhaps a week spent on a nearby beach to relax and soak up the sun. Twin Centre Holidays also suit families because parents can add to the yearly beach holiday with an educational and fun cultural and wildlife experience.”

“One of our most popular combinations for honeymoons is South Africa and Mauritius. South Africa is obviously a very attractive destination in its own right and boasts a number of iconic landmarks. As well as going on safari couples could enjoythe bright lights of Cape Town, the beauty of the Garden Route or the Cape Wine lands.”

Mahlatini even offer a ‘Honey Money’ gift service, if you would rather your wedding guests had the option to donate to your honeymoon than to buy off a traditional gift list.