A Lil’ Bit of Monday Morning Happiness – Win Two Tickets to the (Rock n Roll) Party of the Year!

This contest is now closed

Photography Credit: Wildfox Couture

Monday’s suck right? Well not this one! Oh what a sneaky little scamp I am… I only went and held back two tickets to the Rock n Roll Bride party didn’t I?! The party of the year (fact!) will be taking place this Thursday (14th April) at a top secret London location.

As most of you know the venue I booked only holds 200 and over 500 of you applied for tickets (wow) but one of you lucky sausages (and a friend) is about to get some Monday happiness thrown right at ya! The party is open to all readers of the blog – brides, grooms, newlyweds, bloggers, photographers, stationers, cake-makers, dress designers…any other wedding suppliers, wedding obsessives…(more info here)

To enter, simply comment below by midnight tonight (GMT) saying why you’d like to come and party with me! Extra bonus points awarded if you tweet and/or facebook about the party and link to this contest post. Follow me on twitter and ‘like’ me on facebook then send a message out to let everyone know about the party!

Make sure you use the hastag #rocknrollbrideparty on twitter so I can see all your tweets and @rocknrollbride on facebook to link your extra entries to my facebook fanpage.

This contest is now closed

A winner will be selected by moi on Tuesday morning and the winner will be notified by email no later than 12pm Tuesday (GMT.)

Prize does not include travel to London or accommodation and all party information, including the top secret location will be emailed to you.

Eeeek just 4 days until mental photo booth/ lush cupcakes/ custom pink fizzy cocktails/ mega sweetie table/party-time!


  1. I would super duper love to win the last golden ticket, and i even have a dress that would be perfect for it! xx

  2. Kat, who wouldn’t want to party with you?!

    I want to party with you because I had so much fun with you filming our blogging videos and you gave me the confidence to do what I did this weekend, what better way to say thank you than by getting drunk and rocking it out 😉

    I have met some amazing people in this industry, working with you was like working with a celeb and you’ve helped me get out there and I can’t thank you enough.

    Plus I used to have half pink hair and I so want to hold up the ‘I want pink hair’ sign in the photo booth!

    ‘Keep rockin’! :p lol 🙂

    Ali 😀

  3. I’d lovelovelove to go to the RocknRoll Bride Party.

    Between being a sole trader and a single mum there’s not a lot of time for a social life. I’d love to have the chance to meet some of the amazing people who will be there and dance till my feet are crippled (for it is the only way to dance)

    I think that RocknRoll bride is more than just a wedding blog, it’s a lifestyle blog for anyone who loves things that are different and what could be a better celebration of that than a party of epic proportions, that brings together a couple of hundred people that, if it weren’t for Kat, would never have come together. All in the name of doing things the Rock n Roll way.

    That and because I have an epic face, that deserves to be photoboothed. Gurning the like of which has never been seen, I promise you.

  4. Hi Kat! I’m a burlesque photographer and just getting started in the wedding photography scene so this would be a lovely chance for me to get to meet lots of lovely new people! I think the blog is fantastic and a great resource for brides and fashion lovers alike and would love to celebrate with you on Thursday! I’ll even bring my camera 😀

  5. Hi Kat

    Having a chance to be at the party of the year would be like the poor boy from willy wonker getting the chance to come along to an eccentric, pink candy filled party! Why in the world would we not want to be at the party where all of the best people are gonna bet – I’ll even be a humpalumpa in the photobooth if I get that golden ticket!!

    Much Love

  6. Dear Easter Bunny,
    I know you don’t do requests like Father Christmas, but I wondered if I could ask for the tickets to Rock N Roll Bride’s party this Thursday instead of your usual chocolatey egg shaped treats? I absolutely adore her blog and love the way Kat and her compadres have had such a cool influence on weddings these days; DIY brides, amazing cupcakes, cute stationery, basically doing things the way you want them, not just following what the big wedding mags chuck in your face all the time. “Want Vivenne Westwood shoes? Then get them! Want a Marie Antoinette theme? Then have it! Can’t afford to get married at a huge venue? Then get married at a registry office and have an awesome party instead!” Kat and her friends are an inspiration and to be able to spend a few hours in the company of them would be fabulous for me.
    So please, Mr Easter Bunny, could you make my early Easter wishes come true?
    Ellie x

  7. BucksWriter

    I’d LOVE to come to your fabby party because I am newly engaged (3 weeks ago) and determined to avoid all of the usual pastel pukiness that surrounds yer average wedding. I want my day to rock and roll!

  8. Anna-Maria

    Kat, I would love to win tickets to your super dooper party. To bust out a rocknroll outfir and generally have a great time and meet some fabulous people – on the count down to the big day 3 months 5 day to go uh oh – no flowers, no cake, no music – oh well more excuse to party!

  9. Natalie

    My son is currently on Easter holidays and staying with his dad, so I want lots of exciting things to do to save me from evenings in alone! I’m a photographer single-mummy just starting out in wedding photography, too, so think this would be the perfect opportunity to mix lots of pleasure with a little business socialising… and above all, the party sounds like it’s going to be THE place to be! <3

  10. Hello!!

    I would absolutely love to win tickets to this party and have the chance to party the night away with all kinds of wedding industry celebs! I’m in my first year of business as a lifestyle and wedding photographer and have met so many amazing people on the journey since January. After doing my interview on Photo Night Live with Emma Case I realised that this is the most amazing job in the world and I just want to keep pushing to be involved in any and all amazing opportunities that come my way.

    So I’m entering for a golden ticket to this party! Fingers crossed I’ll get to meet you and all that are attending. The photobooth sounds amazing!!

  11. Melanie

    Dear Fairy Godmother,
    I have been given the wonderful task to discover unique quirky wedding bits and bobs for a close friend, and what better way to research than to come to your most amazing party and meet and mingle with your customers first hand!!
    I can’t believe I have never crossed your path before, i think i’m officially hooked as of now! Aside from my dire need for research, it was my birthday last week and i’ve not been able to go and celebrate yet, and would just love to wear my new dress somewhere worthy, and this sounds like my perfect cup of tea!!

  12. Hi Kat,
    I just moved to London two weeks ago from Amsterdam (America before that), and I’m searching for a job in the wedding industry. I would really appreciate the chance to meet so many of the talented contributors to the wedding scene here. Thanks for offering this contest, and I can’t wait to see photos of the sure-to-be-fabulous party, whether I’m there or not!

  13. Hi Kat,

    I am not going to say things that makes you go “awwww poor her I need to invite her”, all I am going to say is that….

    I want to rock with you and that is it!

    The end

    Delia x

  14. Katy

    Hello Kat

    The gods must be smiling on me. I didn’t apply first time round as I couldn’t make it. Then my diary emptied and I lost the chance to come and play. And now you are offering a last chance to party with all the cool kids. This is very good Monday news. Now I just need the gods to continue smiling so I can win and get to hang out with some amazing people. Pretty please 🙂

    Katy xx

  15. Hi Kat, I would so absolutely LOVE to come to your fab party! Mainly because last night we found out my fiance’s mum has decided to sell her home in Piha beach NZ, which was to be our wedding venue. Among other disasters like the caterer pulling out and family issues, I’d REALLY love some much needed INSPIRATION and a good pumping of Rock&Roll enthusiasm!
    x Ruth

  16. “Why id like to come and party with Kat ‘n’ co?” errrrr, hello?! It sure beats sitting in watchin Eastenders! Dont really need to mention how ace meeting some new wedding-crazed friends would be,

    Give my OH a night off and pwwwease let me meet some people who actually care about what im talking about!

    If i miss out then thats fine. Ill probably just be dumped and sitting in on my own watching Eastenders or Lambing Live rocking in a corner (and i dont mean rockin in a good way). With a glass of pink fizz 😉

  17. Im In the process of making a much loved hat making hobby into a business…..which I think you will agree is Pretty stressful !! so please save me from another night at my kitchen table… knee deep in merry widow and crinolin!!! and let me have a reason to come out and play.

  18. Hi!

    I would love to come and party with you. Not only are you a huge inspiration to all us bloggers out there, but we’ve both agreed a blue/pink hair picture is necessary, and it’d be the perfect excuse to get all dolled up for it! xo

  19. Kat

    I want to come and meet the other cool Kat! Sure, I live in Oregon, but I have oodles of airline miles stacked up. Come on now… Don’t you wanna meet me too? 🙂

  20. Hayley

    Hi Kat,

    I MUST win tickets to your fabulous party because…

    1. I’m currently making a magazine for alternative brides and would lovelovelove the opportunity to meet all you beauts, ask you some questions and write a super- super feature on the whole event!
    2. I am a stressed out uni student with a million deadlines to meet and therefore need a distraction to get drunk and cheer up!
    3. It’s my birthday in 14 days time and to go to your party would BE THE BEST PRESENT EVER!
    4. I have three really funny jokes to tell and one awe-inspiring card trick ready to whip out upon request.

    I’ve run out of reasons so here is a short poem summing up why I MUST win the tickets!

    Something borrowed,
    Something blue,
    I would love to meet all you ladies who have said ‘I do’

    I love cocktails and cupcakes,
    and a drink and a dance,
    make my week…and give me a chance!

    Love Hayley

  21. Jayne de Ville

    I’d love to come to your party because the gorgeous Lucy Ledger has just designed me the most wonderful invitations for my wedding & I’d like to give her a thank you hug in person! I promise to dress fabulously in one of my pairs of Vivienne Westwood / Melissa shoes if you pick me as I know you are also a fan!

  22. Charlie Taylor

    Only 10 weeks left till my dance-all-night wedding. All I have to do now is wear in those new wedding heels… wanna help me out?

  23. I would love to come to the PARTY, anyone who has pink hair as amazing as yours is definitely going to throw a good shindig! Plus I would love to meet the girl behind the amazing blog and all the other fab wedding professionals who will be there.
    I would love, love, love to kick up my heels and drink some cocktails with you! xx

  24. Colette

    To avoid me being totally devastated when im looking at photos and sat dreaming of what prop I could take I’m having a last attempt at coming to the big city 🙂

  25. I too am from the ‘ding!

    I would very Much like to win a ticket to the RocknRollParty Because….

    I want to Party with the LEGENDS of the wedding Industry

    If not i’ll spend thursday night crying into a bottle of toffee apple cider in the purple turtle 🙁

    PS: Ill help take your equipment there with my trusty steed.. (your local florist delivery van) and Ill keep it safe, I’m an excellent driver don’t u know, I’m also a young talented florist who is in the process of kicking the family business into the 21st century…

    Pick me! Pick me! x x

  26. Sara

    My partner Lucy and I NEED to come to your party because…

    a) I am obsessed with your blog and if I mention it one more time, Lucy might call off our impending nuptials – If we win she’ll she why I cannot get enough of it.

    b) Lucy can down a pint with no hands



  27. Although I am not blessed by a pink bonce, (and I hope this doesn’t come over as coltish or precocious) I feel am a bit of a fellow bridal buccaneer kindred spirit, and would love to high rock n’ roll with you and the wedding ram-jam Rock n’Roll Bride party crew in pure wedding splendour. As a fledgling little journalist, it would mean the world to me to bump behinds and toast the wild and wanton bits of weddings that everyone else neglects.

    Think of me as the Keith Richards of wedding bloggers, and I’ll even bring some coconuts (that’s a promise).

    Much heart, and fondness for the blog as ever

  28. Kat

    I’d like to win the golden ticket so that I can party with the wedding industry elite! There ain’t no party like a RocknRollBride party! Xx


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