Heather & David’s Whimsical & Wonderful New Orleans Wedding

There was one thing that struck me in particular when I laid eyes on Heather & David’s New Orleans wedding…Heather’s incredible dress! She bought it from Natural Bridals on etsy and had it custom altered to make it perfect for her. She wore it with striped tights (rad!) and incredible orange boots. In fact their own wedding was a whimsical and wonderful mishmash of Rock n Roll fabulousness!

Heather explained, “We wanted to throw a wedding that was going to stand out from the other weddings that people would be attending throughout the year. Our goal was to get a reaction out of our guests. Cool! Um, interesting. Wow, fun! Very whimsical. Those were the target reactions… anything, but, nice (blah). We did almost everything a little strangely which caused a LOT of extra planning and negotiating with vendors. Most vendors in the city of New Orleans (and other cities I am sure) are bogged down with traditions and preset packages. We found that the vendors that were excited about a challenge were the ones for us.”

“As the bride I was also very lucky to have a family who is a little “Rock n Roll” and was up for anything. A few examples of our Rock n Roll style are the following: my girls and I wore striped tights, we carried and wore flower art instead of the real deal, I decided to wear my wedding band on my right hand (signifies an oath and gives my right hand some bling), the entire wedding party and most of the guests hopped on public transportation (St. Charles Streetcar) as our exit from the ceremony, the bridal party walked down Bourbon Street to the Musee conti (a wax museum that includes a SUPER scary haunted dungeon), and we ate take out chinese during our sit down dinner (sit downs do not really exist in a typical NOLA wedding). We did add in some traditional New Orleans flair with the cake charm pull for the girls and the second line parade near the end of the ceremony.”

Big love and thanks to Heather & David and their photographer Kami for sharing these today

Photography Credit: White Lotus Studios Photography
Ceremony Venue: The Columns Hotel, New Orleans
Reception Venue: The Musee Conti, New Orleans
Bride’s Dress: Natural Bridals on etsy, custom altered by Kiki’s Alterations in La Jolla CA
Bride’s Shoes: 80%20 orange boots from Endless
Bride’s Jewellery: Custom designed by Alusciousthing on etsy
Groom’s outfit: New Orleans Tuxedo Inc
Cake: Couture Cakes
Flowers: DIY
Bridesmaids Dresses: Custom made by XPoppysWickedGardenX on etsy
Hair & Make Up: Albert Brown Salon and Make Me Up New Orleans


  1. Loveit, love it, love it!!

    Heather looks tryuly a wonderland all in herself and the cake is one of the best I have seen! Awesome! Congrats. 🙂

  2. i love how the colours are all themed throughout the wedding, especially the cake! and her dress is just awesome!

  3. At the risk of repeating what others have written, have you seen that fantastic cake! And the photographs are just fabulous! Thank you for sharing. Ivan

  4. WOW! I love this! I love them. It’s always so amazing to look at photos and just know that you would love to be friends with someone because they seem like such a fun, cool, quirky person!

    These are also very similar to the colors my boyfriend and I have thrown around for our future wedding and it was nice to see the fun “summery” colors done so well! The brooch above her skirt in the back and the bottle caps were such amazing little details too!

    Best wishes for such a great couple!

  5. What an amazingly theatrical dress. The colours are mouthwatering and the cake is an absolute work of art. Question though- did the bride’s fab tattoo inspire the color scheme and flower art or vice versa?

  6. Thanks everyone for all of the FANTASTIC compliments. It makes me feel so good that my 15 dress fittings/reworkings, sleepless nights, and panic attacks about details paid off;). I was also FLOORED by the cake! Great work Holly @ couture cakes! And I am still marveling at what a great job my photographers did. Thanks White Lotus Studios!

    Nicola, believe it or not the tattoo is it’s own thing and is still a work in progress. The artist who made the jewelry did not even know about the tattoo. I designed the tattoo as well as the wedding, so, I guess it all just ended up looking the part:).


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