Glen & Cristina’s “Year of the Rabbit” Engagement Shoot

March 14, 2011

Glen & Cristina had a Alice in Wonderland-inspired engagement shoot…but one with a difference! Photographer Jomel Gregorio explains, “Glen & Cristina’s wedding date falls in the “year of the Rabbit” in the Chinese calendar February 20,2011. They were thinking of a concept on how they incorporate a rabbit/bunny into their engagement. Cristina likes the Alice in wonderland movie, so that’s how they come up with the idea. We sat down together and did the  brainstorming for the shoot. The couple didn’t want to literally copy the characters of the movie so used them as inspiration. It was quite challenging for me and Omar (who came up with the concept and design) but so much fun!”

The shoot was in two parts – the first being a lagoon area in The University of The Philippines. Jomel continues, “The first set was inspired by Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. The clothes were a combination of modern Victorian and gothic inspired clothing. Cristina dress was mostly composed of layers upon layers of laces. The colour combinations were mostly black with turquoise satin. Her head dress was made of wired satin bow and on her shoulders she wore a layered lace with tulle underlining. She also wore a turquoise satin under dress composed of a corset and sheered skirt both layered with black embroidered tulle. Glen wore layers of different pieces including a white ruffled long sleeved shirt, two wool vests, a striped wool scarf and striped trousers.”

The second location was indoors and the idea was for a tea party setting. Again, photographer Jomel explains the idea behind it, “The set was inspired of modern baroque with floral inspired furniture, ceramic teacups and pots and also silver wares. All looked really organic. The colours were combinations of olive greens, tan brown, old rose, creams and floral patterns. we layered clothes to achieve a Victorian look. Cristina wore a tan coat with gold brooch which was layered with an embroidery see-through buttoned blouse with a belt corset. Glen wore a floral ascot tie, an off white long sleeved shirt, a floral vest and a gold sash and chained fox tail. He also wore olive trousers and checkered cap.”

Thanks to Jomel for sharing this shoot with us today

Photography Credit: Jomel Gregorio