Photography Friday – Jenga, Alice, Beer & Kittens

This week’s photography Friday is a bit of a ‘week in pictures’ kind of post. Here’s what yours truly got up to over the past 7 days…

Monday was my Dad’s birthday so we went over for a curry and played Jenga. How Rock n Roll is that!? It was ‘crazy Jenga’ we played though, does that make it cooler?!

Jamie, my sister Rachel’s boyfriend…he’s a bit of a Jenga geek.

And the lady herself. I’m not a huge fan of black & white usually, but I had a little play with this one. I kinda like it. Gritty…

On Wednesday I went Christmas shopping and met up with the Rock n Roll Intern, Alice. We had lunch, coffee, gossip and discussed our blog plans for 2011. I’m excited about what we have in store for you!

I loved her Urban Outfitters ring muchly.

Gareth enjoyed some ‘boys time’ with Henry and a few beers.

Rachel wasn’t quite as impressed.

However Rachel certainly wasn’t left out…She and Gareth had a bit of father/daughter time…Is anyone else a little concerned looking at these pictures? I can almost hear Gareth thinking, “aww I wish she was a baby…” Ahh crap!

Seriously cute though. Look at all the LOVE! Now, am I just being a crazy cat lady, or is Rachel actually smiling in this picture?

So, how was your week? Are we getting excited for Christmas yet?!


  1. Pie

    Lovely lovely lovely pics. So ‘real’ and happy. Seeing as you asked, no I am not ready for Christmas. Planning a wedding for 3 weeks after Christmas seemed like such a good idea at time but now? OMG I am a FOOL!

  2. I love reading your blog but by far, this is one of my favorite posts. Your kitties are GORGEOUS! I love seeing them and I hope to see them on the blog again!

  3. Post author

    Thanks Deb, I always wonder if people care about the personal posts! nice to read that you enjoyed it

  4. Shawna

    Awww, that last picture is adorable! Looks like a very happy kitty. And I love the personal posts just as much as all the wedding eye-candy, so keep posting them!

  5. Your photography is really getting good – the way the background is out of focus on some shots making the subject even more stand outy (am sure that’s not actually a photographic term) and I don’t know if its easy to do or not but I love how photographers do that. As for your cats – they are adorable and yes she is smiling and I don’t think any human baby could be cuter than your animal babies (speaking as proud ‘mum’ of two westies!)

  6. ahhhh i love your cats. so adorable and sweet photos. love the cats and beer.

    my fiance and cat are snuggling right next to me as i read this! yay for cat families.


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