Photography Friday – Henry & Rachel

August 20, 2010


Via imgfave One day I will take beautiful photographs like this 

Encouraged by a lot of your comments this week saying you wanted to see more of my photographs (I’ve just bought myself an SLR – Canon 500d to be exact – to play with) I’ve come up with a new feature. Actually, I’d like to credit this new feature to Henry & Rachel (my Maine Coons.) While I was taking some photographs of them, I wondered how I could share them with you all on the blog – which is clearly a wedding blog – without you all questioning my sanity.  

However I got-to-thinking and as you all know, I pride myself on being different to all the other wedding blogs out there so this Photography Friday feature will hopefully give you more of an insight into my world – imperfectness and all – as well as allowing me to share some of my (quite frankly still rather rubbish) photographs with you.  

Of course not all of you are interested in me, my house, my kittens, my outfits (as these will probably be the things I’ll take the most photographs of!) but fear not – the blog is still predominantly wedding inspiration related and they’ll still be more than enough weddings and proper photography for you to drool over! This of this new feature as just a little bonus for those of you that are interested. If you’re not I won’t be offended! I also think this might be quite an enlightening exercise for me to a) make sure I keep taking photos and b) make sure I improve! How funny will it be to look back at these shots in a year and realise how rubbish I was?!  

Anyway…the stars of the show this week are of course those kittens of mine – Henry & Rachel my “f***-me I love them more than life itself” Maine Coons! (Henry is just over 10 months, Rachel is 9 1/2 – ish)  

Henry didn’t know today was school portrait day. If he did he wouldn’t have stuck his head in a plate of sweet n sour chicken the night before – true story!  


 “Waaaah waz dat? Wanna get it outta ma face already!”  

 Henry “orange beard” Williams  

Just cute…and bandy legged  

So..thoughts? Criticisms? I downloaded some simple actions from Coffee Shop Actions to play with because I have no idea what I’m doing in terms of editing. Any shooting/editing tips or action recommendations – send them my way. I’d love to be able to edit like those beautiful vintage images you see all over We Heart It and also these stunning shots by My Heart Skipped…but again, no idea where to start! 

Rachel looks on as I pretend to be artistic and take photographs of my new Lush soap 

I love my AnnaLou of London crown necklace! 

For these, I tried to do some editing myself and played with curves, colour overlay and slight gradient tweaks. I kind of love our floors upstairs. Gareth took the carpet off to do some diy ‘stuff’ but I actually like it in all it’s imperfect beauty