Bicycles, Sparklers & a Whole lotta Style

May 28, 2010

Carley & Graham wanted a vintage theme for their engagement session. Now I know we hear the term ‘vintage’ thrown all over blog-land like it’s going out of fashion, but I really do love the feel to these (note: if anyone can think of another word to describe ‘vintage’ please let me know – I’m kinda getting sick of writing it!) But anyway, that’s besides the point – Carley & Graham’s session does have a beautifully authentic vintage aesthetic to it…and for that I love it!

Carley put so much heart and soul into their shoot and she brought along a whole bunch of creative things to incorporate. Touches like her and Graham’s vintage-style bikes (so COOL!) and her favourite camera that she got at a second hand store for only $15! Both Carley and Graham also put  alot of thought into their outfits which really added to the over all vibe of the session and made it even more perfectly…well…vintage.

Thanks to Jess for sharing this session with us today

Credit: Jessica Zais Photography