Mick Jagger, Glastonbury & English Fish ‘n Chips

This could quite possibly be the most emotionally charged ceremony I’ve ever seen! So. Much. Love. The intimate wedding (only 15 guests) took place at The Kings Road Registry Office and was followed by some good old fashioned English fish n’ chips. Quite apart from all this awesome, the couple, Fox & Cassie, are actually very cool themselves. Fox has made a record, written a book and played at Glastonbury and he was desperate to get married at the same venue as his hero Mick Jagger. 

Thanks to new photographer Kevin for sharing his very first wedding with us today – what a great way to start!

Credit: Kevin Mullins Photography


  1. I just welled up a little bit…that’s what getting married is all about! An absolutely beautiful dress too! x

  2. That little fairy shot may be one of the sweetest wedding guest shots I’ve ever seen!
    Look at how she’s holding her Dad’s face! And her expression…and the focus of the men. It’s such a nicely composed photo and she is such a doll!

  3. What a beautiful wedding! I was only making a comment on Twitter this afernoon about how some wedding photographers just ‘have it’ – you know that when you look at their work and feel the emotion, just as you do with these photos!

  4. I have to also say, that little fairy wing shot is to die for. Being Mum to a similar age little girl – makes my heart melt! What a spell-binding and perfect moment to capture…

  5. Nicola

    The little fairy is absolutely gorgeous and it is a magical photograph. I love the bride’s dress – it is stunning . These are fabulous photos – so candid and really capturing the emotions of the day. I love this wedding!

  6. What a refreshing change from all the white dress meringues and other traditional stuffy stuff. I’d have loved to shoot this gig, but Kevin’s done a great job. Lovely work and a fun day by the look of it too.


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